Is It Bad To Sit Next To An Air Purifier?

It can be tempting to sit near an air purifier, thinking that the fresh air will make you more productive. But is it bad for you to sit near an air purifier?

Yes and no. Here are some tips from a writer's perspective on whether or not sitting near an indoor air purifier is good for work."

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Can air purifiers be harmful?

No, air purifiers are not harmful to humans, but some people have allergies to certain air purifier filters. People with hay fever typically experience a decrease in symptoms when they are around an air purifier.

If you are allergic to mold, mildew and dust mites and sit next to an air purifier, it can cause your symptoms to become worse. It's best to plug the air purifier in at least two feet away from your workspace so that the allergens don't linger too close to you. However, if you don't have access to a plug or outlet nearby you can still use one even if it is far away

How close should you sit to an air purifier?

You should stay at least two feet away from the air purifier so that you don't get blasted with fresh air. Many people like to sit right next to an air purifier while working because they feel more comfortable, but sitting too close can dry out your sinuses, leaving them with a stuffy or congested feeling and eventually causing a cold. It's best to put the plug farthest from your workspace so that the air circulates throughout the room.

Do you need an air purifier when working in a non-ventilated office?

Yes, it's important to use one even if your office has great ventilation. When the heating and cooling system kicks on, dust particles are stirred up and circulate through the air ducts, dropping down onto surfaces, including your desk. Air purifiers help keep your desk free of these allergens that could irritate sensitive eyes and skin.

What kind of health benefits can you look forward to from sitting near an air purifier?

If you are suffering from any kind of congestion or sore throat, sit down near a portable air purifier. If you want to relieve a stuffy nose and reduce the buildup of mucus, sit near an air purifier. Air purifiers also help with symptoms brought on by allergies as they trap airborne allergens in the air instead of letting them permeate your home or office.

You should also place your desk next to a ventilated sink if possible so that you don't catch colds and flu that way as well. It's best that you should sit near an air purifier to reap all the benefits that it can offer. Sit with an air purifier and feel really great!

Should you sleep with an air purifier?

Yes, you should sleep with an air purifier but only if you have allergies or are sensitive to dust. If you sleep with your face two feet from the air purifier, a slight dryness in your eyes may occur along with irritated skin.

When you're asleep, the amount of mucus in your nose and sinuses slowly decreases. Your body naturally produces mucus overnight to protect your lungs from these particles and allergens so it's best not to interfere, but using an air purifier is a safe way to avoid dry eyes and irritated skin when you wake up.

Do I need air purifier for each room?

You should have an air purifier in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and out in the garage. You should have one in each room because dust and allergens can easily accumulate on a given surface and cause problems throughout your home.

Why do I need an air purifier for my house or apartment?

Dust particles are swept into our homes on carpets, furniture, shoes, hair and skin particles that quickly accumulate as they travel throughout a home while we go about our daily lives. If you're sensitive to dust or allergens then you might want to consider an air purifier for your home because it can provide relief from symptoms such as colds and flu brought on by these allergens.

How do you keep dust particles at bay inside your home?

An air purifier is one way you can keep dust particles at bay inside your home, but there are many ways you can prevent them from getting in. If you have hardwood floors, it's best to sweep or mop with a wet mop daily because dust particles tend to stick more to a dry floor surface than when it's damp.

It's also helpful if you use a swiffer sweeper because these have an attachment that moistens the mop head as you go along. The other thing that is important is wearing shoes or slippers when moving about in your house so that the dirt doesn't get tracked into your home from outdoors.

Does an air purifier clean the whole house?

No, if you're looking for air purifying your whole house, you would need to set up an entire air cleaning system that connects from each room and sucks the allergens up. Air purifiers are designed to be placed in your home or office and can help by reducing allergen build-up without hauling out your whole cleaning system.

Can you use two air purifiers in the same room?

Yes, you can use two air purifiers in the same room but only one should be directly next to where you work. If you are allergic to dust or have an existing breathing problem then it's best to use a portable air purifier because it's easy to move about.

Do you need an air purifier in your bathroom?

You should have one in every room of your home for perfect health and wellness because they eliminate the dryness that occurs due to constant exposure to dust and allergens. These airborne particles can irritate the eyes and nose as well as cause congestion, sore throats and more.

How do you clean an air purifier?

You should clean your air purifier on a regular basis by removing the filter and cleaning off any dust that has accumulated on it with a brush or vacuum. Filters help trap allergens but they do need some cleaning periodically so that the build up is reduced. You can also wash down your air cleaner with a mixture of vinegar and bleach if there is any buildup of dirt inside of the machine or if there is mold growing inside.

How much do you need a purifier?

It all depends on the size of your home and where you're placing the air purifier in your home. You may need one in each room or one in each area of your home such as a kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom or hallway.

Do personal air purifiers really work?

Yes, they really work and studies have found them to be far more effective than home air cleaning systems because they clean the environment all the time. Your air purifier will remove airborne allergens on a continual basis without you having to do anything. All you have to do it set it up and let it work. It's not only better for your health but safe for the environment as well.


Now that you know how to choose an air purifier, which spots you should sit near one, how to use an air purifier and why they're so good for your health, you'll be able to choose a fantastic one that will make your life a lot better. You won't have to worry about dry eyes or irritated skin because you can use a great air purifier.

You might also want to consider an air cleaning system that you can connect from room to room and put all over your home. You may feel better by just keeping the air in your home fresh and clean, but if you're looking for more specific allergy relief then using an air purifier is ideal because it will remove all of the allergens. With so many companies now on the market, there's bound to be one that works best for your home and lifestyle.

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