Wood Stove Humidifier: Choosing a Humidifier for Log Burners

How to use a wood stove humidifier

If you didn't know that you can use a fireplace kettle as a humidifier, this article is for you. Just like conventional humidifiers add humidity to the home, kettle or wood stove humidifiers can do the same.

Wood Stove humidifiers are not like the traditional humidifiers that use electricity as a means of operation but exist in the form of trivets and kettles.

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In A Hurry?

If you require a humidifier and do not want to read the entire article, below are the recommended items from the article.  (Low, Medium and High Price)

Which Is the best Humidifier for Log Burners

When dealing with Log Burners, the best humidifier is the 5AIRCARE 4DTS 900 Whole House Console Evaporative Humidifier

However, this will depend on several things, like if you want it to do several tasks – like Dorm Room, or Cold and Flu symptoms.

There will also be costs for the humidifier - like Mist Type, Water Tank Capacity, Coverage Area and Noise Level. So as you can see, there is a lot in picking the right humidifier!

Wood humidifiers are operated by conventional means, where a wood stove heats the container and emits steam into the air. Woodstove humidifier is also known as a fireplace humidifier and warm neutral unit because it is warm. Don't hope to find a wood stovetop that can provide cold mist, save for traditional cold humidifiers available every day.

The air from the building is drained by heating systems, including a wood-burning stove. Fresh or natural air would then supplement the air. Most new homes are tightly constructed; if you limit fresh air, the steam from showers, washing machines, and cooking builds will increase the need for a dehumidifying process.

Older homes, however, are often drafty, taking in too much cold, dry winter air, resulting in the demand for added humidity.

Simple Way to Use Log Burning Humidifiers

It is convenient to use a humidifying stove. Only pour water in and put it on your log burner or fireplace. If the temperature of the water changes, you can see the vapors escape into the air.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Log Burning Humidifiers

While electric humidifiers have many features not seen on log burning humidifiers, the latter can be afforded, used, and sustained reasonably easily. They don't use a filter like a modern machine. A wood-burning humidifier provides steam without bacterial contamination.

How could this be? When the water is heated, bacterial or water-based microbes are destroyed in the process. Thus, the steamer pots of wood stoves release 100% breathing germ-free air. 

Besides, some versions work as humidifiers and teapots for wood steamer pots at the same time. This ensures you can even take water out of your pot to make your tea while humidifying your room in the cold winter. However, if you knew the unit was an approved model for tea, it would benefit you.

Woodstove humidifiers have some limitations. For instance, they can be boiling, which is not ideal for homes having children around. You will also have to refill the water manually. Fireplace humidifiers must be monitored because they don't come with safety features like on several electric models. 

Even so, moisture is effectively released into your home by a fireplace humidity pot. They will help relieve irritating dry and wrinkled skin, dry eyes, and lips, as well as many other health issues. They require a protective hand glove if there is a need to carry it out from the stove while humidifying.

Besides, they can be heavy, depending on the brand you have. Furthermore, if you don't get the right unit, you may end up getting a product that will get rusted. This is why reading an expert wood stove humidifier buying guide, just like our discussion below, is of great concern to get the best unit void of problems.

What to Check Out When Shopping Humidifiers for Log Burners

You ought to know what is suitable for your preferences and style. There are many items to remember when selecting the right humidifier for your log burner before wasting your hard-earned money.

1 Design

First, look at the design. What is your style, and what would complement your home? Some kettle humidifiers are made of cast iron, which means they are heavy but stable and durable. So if you don't want to buy another periodically, you can opt for one that is made of iron. You may also consider one that provides a dust-proof finish that helps to minimize cleaning and maintenance.

2 Tea Maker

Would you like the one that can make some tea and, at the same time, humidify the area? Consider whether you want a steamer that serves as both a humidifier and a teapot. They can design some steamers for cooking tea or coffee, but others are just humidifiers.

Note that using hard water with this fireplace kettle can lead to impurities that may cause rust. If you want one which is safe for tea or coffee brewing, make sure the inside is coated with ceramics. Its enamel-lined interior makes it rust-resistant. The kettle humidifier with this feature is the best option but should regularly be rinsed with water and dried when not used.

3 Water Capacity

Look at the water capacity. Woodstove steamers with a large tank are easier to fill than smaller water capacity steamers. Smaller capacity wood stove steamers require you to fill up regularly while larger capacities don't.

4 Weight

Look at the weight. If you are physically weak, get a lighter pot. A steamer that weighs between 7 to 9 pounds should be adequate for your needs. Lightweight construction allows for easy lifting.

5 Lid Type

Look at the lid you want. For a simpler way to use your humidifier, get a wood stove steamer with a removable cover. The decorative top with stylish holes is where the vapors escape into your home air. You may add mint leaves or cinnamon sticks to moisturize your house with a pleasant fragrance.

6 Durability

Look at the potential shelf life of the product. The best way to assess this aspect is by identifying whether they made the product out of rust-resistant material. Stovetop steamers that are coated with porcelain last longer than steamers that are not covered with porcelain. Porcelain ensures pots are less susceptible than rusting and aging.

Help with a humidifier for a log stove

A wood stove humidifier is an appliance that moisturizes the air in a room with hot or cold water vapors.

Wood stove humidifiers are typically used to counteract dry winters by utilizing warm or cool steam, and they can also be used during allergy season or any time that you notice your air has become dry.

The following may help you with a wood fired stove:

1) How does a wood stove humidifier work?

Wood stove humidifiers are relatively simple in design. The device connects to any wood burning stove to create a moist vapor that is released into the room.

The process of creating steam is not unlike the steaming you would create for a cup of tea. Inside the box, water is boiled just as it would be on your stove top.

As the water boils, it becomes steam and flows out of the nozzle at the top and into your home through vents in that unit or attached to pipes.

2) How long do I use my wood stove humidifier?

How long you use your humidifier depends on several factors. These include the season, the amount of moisture in your home, the temperature in your home and how much wood is being burned. As a general rule though, you should be able to leave your humidifier on for about an hour when you first turn it on.

After that, check the moisture levels in your home as well as the inside and outside of any humidifiers you have.

3) How do I know how much wood I should burn?

As with anything that burns fuel there are several factors you should consider before firing up your stove. First of all, try to use small pieces of wood as opposed to large logs that take longer to burn. This will save you a substantial amount of time.

Additionally, try to stack your wood in a small area near the stove to help it burn more quickly. This will also help you avoid soot build-up on your decorations, walls and flooring.

4) How much water do I need?

As with most appliances or devices that use water, there is a specific amount of water required for proper operation. This is usually included in your manual for the humidifier or can be found online.

5) How often do I need to change or check my humidifier?

Most humidifiers come with a tray that needs to be emptied periodically. This is an easy way to make sure your machine is working properly. If not, you can continue to check to see if it needs more water on a regular basis.

6) What types of wood do I use with my humidifier?

The type of wood you use will largely depend on what style appliance or device you use. With the humidifier, however, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when firing up your stove.

For the best results, always use hardwood or oak planks. The type of wood will vary depending on what style appliance you are using and the size burner your stove has.

7) How long does it take a wood stove humidifier to fill my home with moisture?

It will take about an hour for your special appliance or device to start working effectively. After that, it will depend on what is going on in your home as well as the air outside.

For example, if you are using your wood stove on a warm, dry day, the time needed for something to happen will be considerably less than if you were using it on a cold or rainy day.

As a general rule of thumb, however, you should be able to tell within 30 minutes if you have successfully added moisture to the air.

8) Is it important to take care of my wood fired humidifier?

Yes, it is absolutely vital that you keep your special appliance or device clean to be sure it functions properly at all times.

For example, check the outside and inside of your unit every so often to make sure the water tray is empty or that there is not too much water in the unit. Also check the area around your stove to make sure that all ashes are put into an appropriate container.

9) How do I know if my wood fired humidifier needs maintenance?

If your wood stove or wood burning appliance has not been working as it should, then you may need to have it serviced. You can do this by calling the manufacturer of the device or appliance where you purchased it.

If they cannot help you, they may be able to give you a business card of someone who can. If that is not an option, a good place to start is looking up the closest fireplace store or electrician in your area.

10) What is the difference between a wood-fired stove and a wood-burning appliance?

A wood-fired stove is a firebox with an airtight enclosure that is situated within the unit. A woodstove contains a cavity or box in most cases that holds it together. It also has a chimney to guide and direct the hot air to the unit.

A wood-burning appliance, which can be any type of heating appliance, can be either electric or gas fueled but have similar combustion chambers in most cases. Most of these units use electricity to heat up the element inside the unit, burn out some of the moisture in the air and eventually produce steam.


If you want, you can apply a couple of cinnamon sticks or mint leaves to the water for a pleasant scent when you use the fireplace or wood stove steamers as humidifiers. Regardless, if you like a cast-iron steamer or humidifier, some of them can't cook tea. Make sure you pick one that suits all your specifications.

These stovetop solutions are practically silent compared to electric humidifiers. You can also purchase and maintain them cheaply. Please take all of this information into account and apply it to your decision making.

Please Note: Just because a humidifier is marked, for example “Baby Room”, it will still work for other things, for example “Living Room” or “Plant Humidifier”

Items To Buy

Again, the humidifiers below are probably the ones that you will need to buy!

The prices of these are low, medium and high. This will give you the best range. The lower prices will not have all the bells-and-whistles, and the higher price one's will.

Other Questions

How do you humidify a room with a wood stove?

Heating appliances in a home or just a room draws air room the household. One of such devices is the woodstove. Most houses are tightly constructed, and so fresh air-limited, then the use of heating appliances makes it worse. Washing machines, cooking appliances, steam from the shower, wood stove, etc.

All these appliances take the air, but for one to live comfortably and without dry air, the air has to be replaced. You can humidify a room using a wood stove using the following processes.

First, place a cast-iron kettle of water on top of the stove, then the steam from the pot adds moisture to the air. You then refill the jar as the water evaporates. Plug in a humidifier on every level of your home, so it adds moisture to the atmosphere.

You can also put together an armload of green wood at a safe distance from the woodstove. Greenwoods have more water content than dry wood. This way, water is slowly released into the air.


Does a wood-burning stove reduce humidity?

Yes, a wood-burning stove reduces the humidity of a room and its environment. This is because of the dryness of the wood, and so as it burns, it slowly swallows the air that meant humidify the room. You can get green wood instead of your wood stove.

Greenwood has more water content and so instead of it to absorb all the moist in the air, it adds to it.


How do you keep a wood stove burning all night?

It is a normal thing for a wood stove to burn out, and you have to keep refilling with stacks of wood. But the issue is, how long does it last? Can it even stay for the entire day? When you heat a wood-burning stove, its controls help to slow down or hasten its burning.

Therefore, to get your wood stove to burn for a more extended period, watch for the size and shape of the woods. To keep in for as long as the entire night, you can rake the charcoal towards the front of the woods stove, stack large logs in a tight formation behind the coals, close its door and enjoy!       


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