How Much Does It Cost To Run An Air Purifier

Cost Of Running An Air Purifier

Between $0.05 and $1.00 per day depending on the model you buy

How Much Does It Cost To Run An Air Purifier

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The air you breathe is not only a natural part of your existence, but also a necessity. Without the right amount of oxygen and moisture in the air, you would be dead in a matter of minutes, or at best plagued with extreme sickness and pain.

But for this to happen to you, you have to be exposed long enough for your body's defenses to fall without an adequate amount of clean air. Sadly, this is very likely even if you spend most of your time indoors because our environment has become so contaminated over the years that it can shorten your life span even more than smoking itself!

Thankfully though there are things that can help us combat these issues.

How many hours a day do you run it?

This figure is if you are running it all the time. This is really not the case. If you have it running throughout the day, it will have time to cycle through its different settings. This will make a big difference when it comes to the energy consumption.

How Often Do You Switch It Off?

The more often you turn your air purifier off, the better as far as energy consumption is concerned. This is because when on Eco mode, or off- there is no energy consumption.

Do You Use It Full Time During the Day?

If you are working during the day, you can turn the Air Purifier Off, and have it come on an hour before you return. This will allow the fan to circulate the air in your home, without the energy burn of it being on all day.

If you sleep with it running, and you work during the daytime. You can have a timer / Auto-Off turned on to have it come on an hour before you wake up. Then when you get up, turn it off again. This way there is no burn of energy all day long while your at work or sleeping; saving you money and allowing time for your air purifier to cycle through its settings properly in between uses.

Why use an Air Purifier at all

Chances are that if you have a concern about the air quality in your home, then you already know that there is a difference between filtered and purified air. If not, then let us explain it to you. Filtered air will remove some particulates from the air that circulate around, but purified air on the other hand will eliminate them completely.

If you want to have healthy, clean breathing time at home or at work, then you need to do everything necessary to ensure that the purified part of it is working efficiently all the time.


The best air purifier you can have in your home is an air purifier. You can go with a normal model; albeit less expensive and efficient, or go for the specialized units that will ensure that the air you breathe is clean all the time. But either way, make sure to not over do it on your daily energy consumption and save money by turning your AC unit off at night and when you are away from home too!

About This Article 

Date : August 19, 2021

Author : Nick, Website Owner And Writer

Experience : Hi, I am Nick, I purchased an Air Purifier, and Humidifier for my home, and I want to share the benefits of owning both appliances.

I know that there are some advantages to having an air purifier alone, but I wanted to tell you about the ones that I have personally found when owning one with a humidifier. For instance, not only does it help keep the air in your home cleaner. But it also keeps your skin clean! It is important for people with sensitive skin like myself because they can experience dryness if their skin isn't properly hydrated.

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