How Long Does It Take For An Air Purifier To Clean A Room?

How long to Clean a Room?

Twenty minutes to two hours...However....

It depends on the size of the room, the circulation rate in that room, and many other factors. However, it usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes for an air purifier to clean a space with no immediate dander or debris."

Many people often ask "How long does it take for an air purifier to clean a space?" - with varying answers from 10-20 minutes. In reality, it's difficult to say how long an air purifier takes to clean a space because there are so many factors which determine this. However, here is some background information you might find helpful when answering this question...
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Is it OK to leave air purifier on all night?

Yes, it is OK to leave your air purifier on all night. The air purifier will continue to work through the entire night and for a couple hours in the morning until you turn it off. If you wish, you can simply turn on your air purifier at night so that your room is clean and fresh when you wake up. Some people like to use an air purifier overnight because they suffer from allergies or asthma, and find that they sleep better with clean, fresh air flowing through their bedroom.

Where should I place my air purifier?

It is better if it is not on the floor, placing it near to a window or door is a good place for it. If your air purifier is placed in the middle of the room it can take a long time to clean your room, so place it at least two or three feet away from the floor. If you place it in the middle of your room, or somewhere where particles can fall directly from the ceiling or walls, it will clean the room faster.

Does an air purifier work on cleaning other places besides my home or office?

Air purifiers are designed to remove harmful airborne contaminants and dander from your home and office. However, they can be used to clean many other places as well. Because air purifiers use filters, they are also effective against pollen and allergens. For this reason, many people with allergies use an air purifier during allergy season or while traveling because it helps prevent allergies from occurring due to allergens in the atmosphere.

Do air purifiers use a lot of electricity?

No, air purifiers do not draw large amounts of electricity. In fact, most have built-in power controls that allow you to select the amount of power you want to use. The two main factors in determining how much electricity an air purifier will use are the size of it (somewhat related to the cost of electricity), and its setting. If you choose a more powerful setting, more energy will be used. It is a good idea to check your electrical bills every now and then after using your air purifier for months or years.

Do air purifiers make noise?

Yes, probably. The amount of noise that an air purifier makes will depend on its size, and the speed at which it's operating. Some air purifiers are designed to have a low noise level, while others produce a high level of sound.

There are Air Purifiers that are very quiet.

Are air purifiers environmentally friendly?

Air purifiers are environmentally friendly because they help prevent the spread of airborne particles which can lead to health problems for many people who breathe the air around them. Most air purifiers work by using filters which can be easily cleaned and reused for years. In addition to this, some models use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries. There are also models which can be used with rechargeable batteries as well as non-rechargeable ones.

Can you run an air purifier with the windows open?

Yes, you can run an air purifier with the windows open. It is suggested that you keep the air purifier at a lower level of intensity in this instance because the air purifier has to compete with outside air for being inside the room. You do not want your room to get an unbalanced amount of outside and inside air.

How big is an air purifier?

Air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes. They range from large units that are designed to rid entire rooms of particles, pollen or smoke odors to small desktop units which remove only a small amount of particles from the air. The size that you need will depend on how much area you need cleaned at one time, and the extent of the particles or pollutants that need cleaning.

Can an air purifier clean more than one room?

It is recommended that each room has its own air purifier because different rooms will have different problems with particles or dirt. There are models which can clean multiple rooms but it depends on the model.

Should I leave my air purifier on when I'm not home?

Yes, it is OK to leave your air purifier on when you're not home as long as you are using it to maintain clean air in your home. Many people use their air purifiers in this way. Modeling is done on several of the Air Purifiers with results showing that they do clean the air and remove particles from the air at 55 cubic feet per minute, at a very low setting. When using one of these models, we suggest you set it to a medium or low setting so that it will continue cleaning while you are not home.


Air purifiers are a popular home and office appliance that help remove particles from the air. These include smoke, dander, dust, and other allergens. Air purifiers can improve indoor air quality and provide an overall cleaner environment to live in. By removing particles from the air, they also reduce the number of airborne infections such as colds and flu.

Hopefully, this buyer's guide has helped you get the answers to all your questions about air purifiers. If not, please leave your comments and questions below and we will be happy to help with any additional information that you may need in choosing the best air purifier for your home or office.

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