What Is The Best Frequency For Ultrasonic Humidifiers?

What Is The Best Frequency For Ultrasonic Humidifiers?

You may face several detrimental effects on your nose, eyes, throat, and skin because of the exposure with dry air. During winter, dry air can increase the risk of infections and worse skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Experts recommend using a home ultrasonic humidifier to combat this parched and dried air. A humidifier can make your home air more comfortable. This will add moisture to the existing air in your house to prevent dry skin, dry sinuses, and sore throats.

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In A Hurry?

If you require a humidifier and do not want to read the entire article, below are the recommended items from the article.  (Low, Medium and High Price)

Which Is the best Ultrasonic Humidifier

When dealing with Ultrasonic, the best humidifier is the Keecoon 8L Diffusers for Essential Oils 2.11 Gal Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

However, this will depend on several things, like if you want it to do several tasks – like Dorm Room, or Cold and Flu symptoms.

There will also be costs for the humidifier - like Mist Type, Water Tank Capacity, Coverage Area and Noise Level. So as you can see, there is a lot in picking the right humidifier!

If you want to buy a humidifier, then you have two options: either an ultrasonic humidifier or an evaporative humidifier.

This article reveals the benefit of ultrasonic articles to help you decide whether this is the best humidifier for you to buy and use.

What is an ultrasonic humidifier?

An ultrasonic humidifier, however, uses high-frequency sound vibration to produce an extra fine water mist that expelled to add moisture into the room. It’s a very simple device. Manufacturers make the vibrating diaphragm from ceramic or metal, which sits on the water reservoir’s surface to churns the water at a higher frequency to produce droplets 1.

This structure of an ultrasonic humidifier allows the mist to come out from the top when it’s in the shape of a teardrop. It includes a reservoir of water and a diaphragm for vibration.

The vibration of the diaphragm occurs at high frequency to churn the water into tiny droplets. Then the droplets evaporate in the air and add humidity to the room’s air. The sound frequency produced at a top-level to make it inaudible for the human being. That’s why they’re called ultrasonic humidifiers.

The design of an ultrasonic humidifier depends upon the style of the manufacturer. Many of them include fillable tanks, while others have the option of inserting a water bottle. Many ultrasonic humidifiers add features like bells and whistles, USB power, LED night lights, LED display pads, and built-in clocks to attract customers.

An ultrasonic humidifier may have cool mist or warm mist function, or both depending on the model.  Models that produce both cold and warm must offer you the best of both worlds, allowing you to adapt the unit to your seasonal needs.

What is the best frequency for an ultrasonic humidifier?

As previously mentioned, ultrasonic humidifier produces high-frequency sound to create vibrations. This frequency varies from models to models. The most frequently used frequency ranges from 0.8 MHz to 1.7MHz by many brands. Even 2.4 MHz frequency used in ultrasonic humidifiers of some brand 2

Ultrasonic humidifiers use vibrating diaphragm transducer to vibrate at a high-frequency oscillation to produce this sound. This frequency silently generates microscopic water droplets that leave the humidifier as a fine mist to humidify the air.

The high frequency creates no danger to the human because it’s inaudible. But the low frequency creates several health problems like headache, dizziness, nausea, etc. All the humidifiers available in the market used the latest technology to produce no effect on the human body.

With no kind of hesitation, they all are safe and easy to use. Ultrasonic humidifiers with distilled water prevents the spreading of white dust in your room.

Ultrasonic humidifiers create aerosolized “white dust” by dissolving minerals in the water droplets as a cool fog 3. It’s advisable and recommended using the humidifier with distilled water to prevent the dispersion of contaminants like bacteria, viruses, minerals depending upon the quality of water.

What are the benefits of an ultrasonic humidifier?

Ultrasonic humidifiers have several advantages over evaporative humidifiers. These includes:

They add so much moisture to the air. Besides, with a humidistat, they are best at humidifying the air. Detection of humidity level in the room is necessary prior to use the ultrasonic humidifier. Humidistat plays the role of detection and maintains proper humidity level of the room 4.

The humidifying mechanism of the ultrasonic humidifier is very simple, and this is small and compact to use.

This is quieter than the fan of an evaporative humidifier.

How to maintain an ultrasonic humidifier?

Cleaning is essential to avoid further risk of contamination in the air. You may clean your humidifier on a regular daily basis after use or a weekly basis. Manufactures recommended cleaning a portable humidifier in every alternate three days.

Cleaning is very simple. Detach the nozzle, empty the reservoir and use a brush or scrubber to clean it. Use clean water to rinse all parts and remove any scale, deposits, or film that has formed on the sides of the tank or on interior surfaces. Finally, dry all surfaces by using a clean towel. Disinfectants used to clean your humidifier according to the manufacture guidelines.

How to choose the right ultrasonic humidifier?

If you want to buy and use an ultrasonic humidifier which one you choose will depend on many factors like the size of your room and what types of additional features you want.

Very few portable, single-room humidifiers are common nowadays for their performance over the air pressure, temperature, initial humidity levels, and other factors. The size of the water reservoir also a significant factor while selecting a humidifier. For a gigantic room, it will dry early, so there might need a humidifier with a larger water reservoir. With a compact room, you can use a humidifier with a small reservoir.

Humidistat, a very much essential feature for an ultrasonic humidifier. This will automatically shut off the humidifier if the humidity levels get too high. The ultrasonic humidifier produces excessive humidity into the air.

This excessive moisture can lead to dampness or favor the growth of molds. Humidistat plays a preventive role here to avoid these problems. Some ultrasonic humidifiers used aromatherapy oils which add additional aroma which you can select according to your choice 5.

Please Note: Just because a humidifier is marked, for example “Baby Room”, it will still work for other things, for example “Living Room” or “Plant Humidifier”

Items To Buy

Again, the humidifiers below are probably the ones that you will need to buy!

The prices of these are low, medium and high. This will give you the best range. The lower prices will not have all the bells-and-whistles, and the higher price one's will.

  • 4L Tank Capacity, Works for All Night: Over a gallon of water lasts for 12-30 hour working time on a full tank; designed to humidify the air in rooms up to 10-30 m² / 107-322 ft², bedroom, nursery, office and so on
  • Informative LED display: Built-in Humidistat tells you the current RH; Easily choose between three mist levels; Set your desired humidity level, 40-60% is recommended
  • Nightlight & Sleep Mode: Choose to turn on the nightlight, or enter sleep mode to shut off LED screen for a discreet sleep at night
  • Safe to Use: Automatically shuts off when water runs out; Microporous cartridge filters the water from micro-organisms and bad odor, we recommend you change filters every 4-6 months
  • Please do NOT use with essential oils, which will damage the machine and cause leakage problem.
  • 【Top Fill Water Tank】This ultrasonic cool mist humidifier for bedroom, as well an essential oil diffuser, comes with a top fill reservoir, easy to refill and clean with all parts including the lid cover detachable to keep hygiene and safe (add 3 pinches of salt to distilled water for normal running)
  • 【3 Mist Levels】Efficiently delivers a comfortable environment in your home with an ideal humidity between 40% and 60% by 3 mist levels & a 360° mist nozzle, catering for different applications like bedroom, living room, study, or office, perfect for those suffering from colds and dry skin
  • 【2.8L Large Capacity】The top fill cool mist humidifier provides constant moisture all night per filling, for up to 24 hours at low mist level and even 12 hours of high mist in the driest autumn and winter days
  • 【Sound & Silent Sleep】Have a full night’s undisturbed sleep, as the night mode keeps all lights including the tank light and LED indicators off, runs at low mist and mutes all touch buttons (auto turns to Low Mist mode when sleep mode is on)
  • 【Safe & Easy to Use】The ultrasonic cool mist humidifier auto shuts off at a low water level to prevent dry run; protective nano coating on the internal structure keeps it from dust and rust for a longer service time
  • [Humidifiers for Large Room & Bedroom] The 2.11-gallon ultrasonic humidifier is designed for large rooms up to 500 sq ft & long lasts for 24 hours humidification between refill. Best whole house humidifiers for home, bedroom, dorm and living room!
  • [Top Fill Design Humidifiers with Essential Oils Tray] Features a 2.1 Gallons detachable water tank, you can easily open the lid to add water from top without bending over! Add your favorite essential oils to the tray on the back of the humidifier to relax and enjoy your undisturbed time. NOTE: Before use, put one tissue into the tray for a long machine lifetime.
  • [Customized Humidity & 3 Speed Options] It has an adjustable humidistat, with 3 levels of humidification, and a maximum of 300mL/h fine mist output. You can easily customize your humidity at home. Note: The ideal indoor humidity range is 45%-60%.
  • [Whisper Quiet & Water Shortage Protection] This large capacity humidifier runs below 35dB, which promotes a good night’s sleep for the family, especially the baby! If it reaches your custom humidity or there is no water in the humidifier, it will automatically shut down to prevent damage and ensure your safety.
  • [30 Days Free Replacement & 1 Year Warranty] We firmly stand behind our products. Please feel free to contact us for any product assistance, and the best after-sales service team is always with you.

Other Questions

Are Ultrasonic humidifiers healthy?

Humidifiers add moisture to the air. Ultrasonic humidifiers get heated to produce breathable droplets into the air. A room with dry air is not good for your health neither is too humid air.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle with these humidifiers, you need to clean them regularly. If not cleaned they form bacteria which when breathed, affects your lungs. Ultrasonic means you can’t hear the sound as the water vaporizes. It then makes it user friendly for your family and the pets around.


Do ultrasonic humidifiers bother dogs?

Not all ultrasonic humidifiers bother dogs. Those that have a high spectrum noise become irritating to a dog's ear.

Ultrasonic humidifiers have low frequencies for humans, but dogs can hear it. This noise makes them behave differently towards it and can damage their ears.

When buying a humidifier, consider one with a low spectrum. Because it won't affect you and your pets will be comfortable too. Remember, pets like dogs have very high hearing abilities. Even the slightest click will alert them. They are always alert.


Is it safe to breathe ultrasonic humidifier?

Humidifiers get filled with distilled water, which is then emitted in form of vapor. The water is healthy and recommended because it is free from any bacteria. Breathing this vapor is friendly to your breathing system. Kids with clogged noses can also use humidifiers when sleeping to help in unblocking.

As long as the humidifier is regularly cleaned. Right water usage and cleaning with the right detergents. You can rest assured of healthy moisture in the room or car. These humidifiers pose a huge risk in the lungs because the emitted air goes directly to the lungs.

If the air gets contaminated, chances of contracting lung infections are very high.


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