Can I put air purifier on carpet?

You can, but it is better not too.

An alternative is to place a barrier between your carpet and purifier. You can use an old blanket, duvet cover or tarpaulin and then put down a layer of newspaper before flipping over the blanket or cover. These things will help catch any dust particles which may float up when you turn on your purifier for cleaning purposes.

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Is it OK to put air purifier on carpet?

The better question would be: is it good for the carpet? The answer is: no, putting an air purifier on the carpet can affect the life of it. If you have a portable air purifier just place it in front of the doorway.

Pedestrians will have to step over your air purifier which can be a hazard especially if you have carpeting. Thus, an alternative is get out from underfoot by using a small stool or a foot locker to elevate your device safely off carpet.

Can you put an air purifier on the floor?

If you have a fixed air purifier, you can put it on the floor but not to close to the carpeting. The answer is yes but there are some things you need to consider.

First, most people have their fixed air purifiers on floors and not on tables or ledges although this choice is up to you. Putting an air purifier on the floor is a lot safer than putting it in the middle of where people walk when they come into your home or office.

Second, do not place your air purifier directly on carpet since this can damage it and expose it to dust particles. This will make the carpet dirty and then require replacing them earlier than expected.

Should I put may air purifier high or low height?

If possible about 6" off the ground. This is because when air passes over the floor it will force the air up into your carpeting and may damage it.

Which way do I face my air purifier?

Near a window or close to a doorway. The idea here is to allow air to pass from outside to inside your home or office. The safer way to go would be place it in an open area where you can allow the air to flow freely.

How do I know if I need an air purifier?

There are a number of ways to tell if you need an air purifier. These are:

  1. You have allergies.
  2. You are suffering from many respiratory problems.
  3. Your office or place of work is hard to keep clean and it could be affected by dust particles.
  4. Your dog is shedding excessive fur in your home and needs a little help.
  5. You have pets in your home or office and they shed excessive fur which causes allergies when you are exposed to it for a long period of time.
  6. Your living space is very dirty and you want that to change.
  7. You have asthma or are allergic to many things but do not know what it is.
  8. You are undergoing treatment for lungs, nose and throat diseases. It just might be your problem and need an air purifier.
  9. You want to reduce the dust in your home or office because it affects your eyes, hair and skin. This can happen when you have a number of small children at home.

Is it bad to sit next to an air purifier?

No, it's not bad to sit next to an air purifier. However, if you want to be on the safe side then leave a two feet distance between you and the machine.

The reason for needing that space is because it can get loud when the machine is in operation and it also needs room for its internal components which are working to give you cleaner air.

How long should an air purifier run?

How ever long it takes! After all, the main purpose of an air purifier is to constantly remove airborne pollutants.

What determines the clean air delivery Rate (CADR)? It is the volume of purified air in cubic feet (cfm) that an air purifier can clean within one hour. That number is directly related to fan speed and method of filtration. The higher the fan speed, or greater amount of filters used, the higher the CADR.

Where should you not put an air purifier?

You do not want to put an air purifier:

  1. On a rug, comforter, cushion.
  2. Too close to the bed you sleep in.
  3. In a small kitchen or bathroom with poor ventilation.
  4. On a bed with very low air flow such as an inflatable pillow or mattress.

Do air purifiers make noise?

Yes, air purifiers emit some noise, the decibel level of which is affected by several factors:

  1. Power of fan.
  2. Number of filters used.
  3. Fan speed selection (High speed is by far the most noisy).

Are air purifiers a waste of money?

No , air purifiers are not a waste of money because they are designed for long-term use. In fact, air purifiers that are designed with superior filtration and technologies provide with better protection against airborne contaminants. Air purifiers are one of the best investments because they are designed for home use and renewal every few years. They also save you money on air conditioning costs and energy consumption over time.


To summarize, an air purifier is a must-use home appliance, especially if you have children or pets. It can help protect your family members from airborne allergens and pollutants to prevent asthma attacks, breathing problems, and other life-threatening health problems.

Besides being extremely beneficial for your family's health and comfort, an air purifier is also very energy efficient because it removes airborne pollutants including smoke particles and other unhealthy gases.

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Date : August 21, 2021

Author : Nick, Website Owner And Writer

Experience : Hi, I am Nick, I purchased an Air Purifier, and Humidifier for my home, and I want to share the benefits of owning both appliances.

I know that there are some advantages to having an air purifier alone, but I wanted to tell you about the ones that I have personally found when owning one with a humidifier. For instance, not only does it help keep the air in your home cleaner. But it also keeps your skin clean! It is important for people with sensitive skin like myself because they can experience dryness if their skin isn't properly hydrated.

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