Best Humidifiers for Dry Skin, Winter Rash, Eczema and More

Best Humidifiers for Dry Skin, Winter Rash, Eczema and More

Winter comes with dry air. If you ask many people what the use of a humidifier is, or why they have one in their houses, they will tell you it gets rid of stuffiness and promotes proper breathing.

Did you know a humidifier offers several benefits on the skin, especially during winter? 

If your indoor air is too dry, it can make your skin get dry and develop various problems like eczema and cracks. A humidifier releases moisture into the air that will keep your skin hydrated.

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In A Hurry?

If you require a humidifier and do not want to read the entire article, below are the recommended items from the article.  (Low, Medium and High Price)

Which Is the best Humidifier for Dry Skin

When dealing with Dry Skin, the best humidifier is the Keecoon 8L Diffusers for Essential Oils 2.11 Gal Ultrasonic Cool

However, this will depend on several things, like if you want it to do several tasks – like Dorm Room, or Cold and Flu symptoms.

There will also be costs for the humidifier - like Mist Type, Water Tank Capacity, Coverage Area and Noise Level. So as you can see, there is a lot in picking the right humidifier!

Dry air is associated with other health problems too. If you stay in a stuffy room, you will be more prone to getting respiratory diseases, like flu. That is why it’s crucial to get a humidifier. However, getting it is not enough. Get the right humidifier.

If you choose the wrong one, you might end up causing yourself even more harm. Here are some factors you should consider so you can get the best humidifier that will meet your needs.

Size of Your House

Imagine a scenario where there is a humidifier producing too much moisture in a small house. The excess moisture will stuff you up. Get a small humidifier for a small room to avoid problems. Portable humidifiers are also suitable for compact rooms. Place it on a table or any other convenient place.

For sizeable spaces, get a console humidifier. They are usually large and don’t need frequent water refilling. There are also whole-house humidifiers that work as a single system. We can connect some to the water supply in your home; you will not need to refill the tanks with water.

Type of the Humidifier

When shopping for a humidifier, there are various things you have to keep in mind. Do you want a warm mist, humidifier? Or a cold mist? Well, you may wonder what the difference between the two is. A warm moist humidifier releases hot steam to the air.

The water gets heated first before it is released. The moisture released by a warm mist humidifier is usually free from bacteria, as most cannot survive in hot conditions. However, having a warm mist humidifier requires extra caution, especially if you have small kids or pets. Place it out of their reach, to avoid accidental burns. Avoid placing them near flammable objects too, to avoid fire hazards.

Cool mist humidifiers release chilly air. Some humidifiers have the two options; the cold and warm mist. They let you switch from one option to the other, according to how the weather is.

Cool mist humidifiers are more energy efficient than hot mist, as they don’t require electricity to heat the water. They are also ideal for homes with little children since they don’t pose dangers of burning.

Features of the Humidifier

Some features you should check include:

Sound Production

Humidifiers are made differently. Some produce more noise than others. An ultrasonic humidifier produces less noise and is suitable for areas that quietness is required, such as in bedrooms or offices. If noise does not bother you, you can go for a noisy humidifier with no worries.


Humidifiers come in different capacities. Some are large, while others are small. A large capacity humidifier will operate for long without being refilled. If you don’t want to refill your humidifier several times in a day, go for the large ones. The small ones need to be refilled at least once in a day.


Some humidifiers have lights that make them aesthetically appealing. If you want extra décor piece in your house, go for one that has lights. Some have unique light colors and can be adjusted according to your preference.

Inbuilt Hygrometer

Some types of humidifiers come with an in-built hygrometer. It measures the level of humidity in your house so you can decide whether to put on your device. Some have automatic hygrometers that go on whenever the humidity level goes extremely low.

Although these humidifiers are more expensive than the ones without a hygrometer, they are very convenient. You can still get a humidifier that doesn’t have these features and then buy a hygrometer separately.

Auto Shut Down Technology.

Some humidifiers come with an auto shut feature that makes it goes off when the water runs out. This protects it from damaging some of its parts.  You can also set a time after which it should go off. Some models don’t have the feature. You can still check the water level to avoid damages.

Cost of Operation

A warm mist humidifier will cost more to operate than a cold mist humidifier. Water heating consumes electricity, which makes them less energy efficient than cold mist humidifiers. If you are looking for a cost-effective device, go for the cold mist. However, there are various advantages that a warm mist has. Since it heats the water first, it usually germs free and very healthy.

Maintenance Requirements

Always make sure your humidifier is clean. A dirty one can cause a lot of harm. It can turn to germs bleeding area and cause havoc to you and your family. Use the right chemicals for cleaning, as the wrong ones may damage some of its parts.

Manufacturers have also taken some measures to ensure that some humidifiers have germicidal protection. Some units have UV lights, ionic silver or ultrasonic vibration features that kill germs effectively.

Some humidifiers have one or a combination of these features. However, this does not mean that you should do away with the usual cleaning.

Get one that will not stress you when cleaning it. If you get a complicated to clean humidifier, it might be a growing area for molds and other harmful bacteria that may make the occupants of your house develop illnesses. Get something you will look forward to washing, with much ease.

Why Do You Need A Humidifier In Winter?

 In winter, the heater will always be on. This makes the air dry which in turn dries the skin. It can also lead to other health problems like sore throats and allergies.

Get a humidifier that suits your need and forget about a dry skin during winter. Write a list of the features you want and select the most suitable humidifier that have them.

Please Note: Just because a humidifier is marked, for example “Baby Room”, it will still work for other things, for example “Living Room” or “Plant Humidifier”

Items To Buy

Again, the humidifiers below are probably the ones that you will need to buy!

The prices of these are low, medium and high. This will give you the best range. The lower prices will not have all the bells-and-whistles, and the higher price one's will.

  • 50-HOURS OF CONTINUOUS MIST: Enjoy extended relief with our cool mist humidifier for bedroom, providing up to 50 hours of continuous moisture for a healthier living environment. Complete range, based on mist level, is 22 to 50 hours. NOTE: Packaging may vary
  • PERFECT FOR ANY ROOM UP TO 500 SQUARE FEET: Create an oasis of comfort in any space with our room humidifier, suitable for spaces up to 500 sq ft, ideal for large bedrooms, kid's rooms, nurseries, and living areas
  • ALLERGY, SINUS, CONGESTION, AND DRY SKIN RELIEF: Breathe easier with our bedroom humidifier, providing a soothing mist for allergy, sinus, congestion, and dry skin relief. The best humidifier for promoting better sleep and well being
  • FILTERLESS, EASY FILL, EASY CLEAN HUMIDIFIER: Say goodbye to hassle and goodbye to costly filters. Our bedroom humidifier for adults and children is user friendly. Designed for effortless filling and easy to clean, saving you on your expenses, time, and effort
  • ULTRASONIC, WHISPER QUIET MOTOR: Experience peaceful tranquility with our whisper quiet ultrasonic humidifiers for bedrooms, creating a serene atmosphere for restful sleep and relaxation. The best humidifiers for bedroom shouldn't disturb your sleep
  • 360 DEGREE MIST OUTPUT NOZZLE: Enjoy evenly distributed moisture throughout your bedroom with our room humidifier's 360 degree mist output nozzle, delivering optimal humidification from all angles
  • CONTROL WITH 1 SIMPLE KNOB: Adjust humidity levels effortlessly with the single knob control of our cool mist humidifier for bedrooms, allowing you to customize comfort with ease
  • ESSENTIAL OIL TRAY: Enhance your bedroom ambiance with our cool air humidifier essential oil tray. Use your favorite essential oils to transform your space into a calming oasis of aromatherapy and relaxation
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY: Purchase our best large room humidifier with confidence, backed by a generous 2 year warranty for your peace of mind and long lasting satisfaction
  • [Humidifiers for Large Room & Bedroom] The 2.11-gallon ultrasonic humidifier is designed for large rooms up to 500 sq ft & long lasts for 24 hours humidification between refill. Best whole house humidifiers for home, bedroom, dorm and living room!
  • [Top Fill Design Humidifiers with Essential Oils Tray] Features a 2.1 Gallons detachable water tank, you can easily open the lid to add water from top without bending over! Add your favorite essential oils to the tray on the back of the humidifier to relax and enjoy your undisturbed time. NOTE: Before use, put one tissue into the tray for a long machine lifetime.
  • [Customized Humidity & 3 Speed Options] It has an adjustable humidistat, with 3 levels of humidification, and a maximum of 300mL/h fine mist output. You can easily customize your humidity at home. Note: The ideal indoor humidity range is 45%-60%.
  • [Whisper Quiet & Water Shortage Protection] This large capacity humidifier runs below 35dB, which promotes a good night’s sleep for the family, especially the baby! If it reaches your custom humidity or there is no water in the humidifier, it will automatically shut down to prevent damage and ensure your safety.
  • [30 Days Free Replacement & 1 Year Warranty] We firmly stand behind our products. Please feel free to contact us for any product assistance, and the best after-sales service team is always with you.

Other Questions

Will a humidifier help with dry skin in winter?

Homeowners use humidifiers during winter to reduce the chances of developing skin conditions. Like dryness, itchiness, flaring up, or cracked lips. Humidifiers are beneficial during the winter seasons.

 You can notice the difference if you adjust the humidity levels to around 60%. This way, the skin can be perfect and replenished by cold air. Other dry skin remedies include showering in lukewarm water instead of hot. Spend less than ten minutes in the bathtub so that you don't scrape off moisture.

Is a warm or cool mist humidifier better for dry skin?

Both warm and cool mist humidifiers are perfect for cooling. But it doesn't mean that you can buy either, because each serves distinct purposes. Cool mist humidifiers are for to maintaining room temperature.

It can be in ultrasonic or evaporative technologies. These technologies enable the absorption of water and help evaporation. What makes them better is that they ventilate the room using less energy. And produce cooler air moisturizing the skin evenly.

 Warm humidifiers have an inbuilt system that heats water and produces soothing moisture. This feature makes them better. Because they kill bacteria, that could destroy the skin.


Does a humidifier help with dry skin and hair?

Your skin, hair, and lips could feel dehydrated during winter. A humidifier can be a brilliant solution in combating these symptoms. That is by circulating air in the room adequately.

Most of the heating units ensure that there is enough moisture circulating in the room. When this happens, you may not notice dry, flaky, and itchy skin. Your skin and hair are in perfect condition.

Meaning that you cannot get exposed to skin conditions like eczema. Installing a humidifier reduces the vulnerability to asthma and allergies. The cooling unit's indoor moisture gives a soothing feeling on the skin. Ensuring that you are warmer and healthier.



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