Reduce or eliminate the amount of dust mites with air purifiers

Air Purifiers For Dust Mites

Dust mites are annoying to say the least. They are pretty much everywhere and they release an odorless fiber that triggers terrible allergy symptoms including sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and an irritable throat. Dust mites can also be seen as tiny white cysts on the carpet or furniture.

The best solution for eliminating dust mites is to use an air purifier with a HEPA filter for maximum effectiveness. This article will cover some of the best air purifiers available for dust-mite elimination in 2021.

Dust mites are common creatures, and can be found in every home. You may not know you have them until you begin to experience allergic symptoms. They exist in both homes and work spaces, and are present in upholstered furniture, mattresses, pillows, carpets, and even air conditioning ducts. The best way to remove dust mites is to use an air purifier with a HEPA filter.


Eliminating dust mites has become much easier with electronic air filters. HEPA filters have always been the trusty way to keep dust mites at bay over the years but they're a pain to clean out regularly because of their tiny size. When they stop working, the filter must be replaced.

Lots of people are having trouble finding HEPA filters in stores these days. Mechanical air purifiers with a HEPA filter are the best solution for removing up to 99.97% of dust mite particles from the air, but can be incredibly noisy and dusty when they're doing their job. Although, after following my guide below, you will be able to find HEPA filters at great prices in your area!

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What are dust mites?

Dust mites are tiny organisms that measure about 0.4 mm in length. They feed on human skin cells and thrive by hitching a ride on our pillows, in our beds, and even in your office. Dust mites are everywhere around us and we barely notice their existence unless allergies begin to kick in. They feed on dead human skin cells, and have been found to be responsible for triggering allergies.

Can you see dust mites?

Dust mites are quite small, but their presence can still be felt by the human eye. If you are wondering how to spot dust mites in your bedroom, look at the mattress. If you can see dust mite bodies stuck to it, then that's a clear indicator that you have some present in your home. Even if you can't see them with the naked eye, they can be seen under a microscope.

How do dust mites cause allergies?

Dust mites are often the cause of allergies and asthma, though it is possible to have a dust mite allergy without experiencing any personal symptoms. Dust mites live and feed on dead skin cells; when they are present in an environment, they will feed on human skin cells, and then collect the dead skin cells into their bodies.

When they do this, they excrete waste that includes fatty acids, which will cause allergic reactions in sensitive people.

Air purifiers for dust mites

One of the best ways to keep dust mites under control is to use an air purifier. An air purifier that uses a HEPA filter will help remove the dust mites and allergens from the air around you. The most important thing to keep in mind when looking for an air purifier is ensuring that it comes with a HEPA filter.

You'll also want to look for features like a timer and auto-off feature, so that you don't have to worry about keeping track of when it should be turned on or off.

Tips to avoid dust mites in your house

Tips to avoid dustmites are:

  1. Keep the air cooler
  2. Use the fan function on your humidifier to reduce humidity levels.
  3. Vacuum regularly and use a good vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to remove as much dust as possible.
  4. Keep the relative humidity in your home under 30%
  5. Wash bedding and stuffed animals frequently, they should be washed once or twice a week at minimum. If bedding is heavily soiled, use a pet safe cleaning solution with bleach or fresh baking soda mixed with hot water. Dryers are not an effective way to clean upholstered furniture as it will not dry all of the dirt off it.
  6. If your beloved pet is shedding, clean up the hair and vacuum it after she has left.
  7. Keep household plants away from the furniture as they can attract dust mites.
  8. Consider replacing your mattress with a new one if you live with other people who have allergies.
  9. You can also use an electric air cleaner to help you control the temperature of the air in your home.

How to get rid of dust mites and prevent them from coming back

If you have a lot of dust mites in your home, it is important to trap them before they can make you sick. You can use HEPA filters that are made for air purifiers, as well as certain pieces of air filtering equipment and tools like vacuum cleaners. If you are living with someone who has allergies or asthma, the whole family should get rid of as much dust mites in the house as possible through cleaning and dehumidifying.

What is the fastest way to get rid of dust mites?

For people who are allergic to dust mites, finding a solution that is both effective and fast-acting is important. There are a number of different ways to remove dust mites from your home as quickly as possible, and here are some of the most popular options that you can choose from:

  • Vacuum - Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to clean up your carpets. You can also use it on the surface of your furniture where dust tends to collect. It will suck up the dead skin cells that have accumulated, and you can then throw it in the trash afterwards. This should be done regularly if you have dust-mite allergies, but it can be especially helpful before guests arrive for any event.

  • Change your mattress - It's important to change your mattress regularly, as it will help you to keep dust mites away. Not only do dust mites like to feed on dead skin cells, but they also like to settle down in the cracks and crevices of mattresses. Just like vacuum cleaners and air filters with HEPA filters, changing your mattress is an effective way to get rid of dust mites while keeping them from coming back again.

  • Buy a HEPA filter for your home - The best way of removing dust mites from the air around you is purchasing a great air filter that uses a HEPA filter. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to clean and replace when necessary. These filters can easily be attached to your air conditioning and furnace systems in order to clean the air before it circulates at all. This is how air purifiers help you clean up your home, and it can be especially helpful for people who live with pets.

  • Use a carpet cleaning service - As mentioned earlier, regular vacuuming is important when you have dust-mite allergies, but it won't completely remove them from your home. You can hire a professional carpet cleaning service that uses chemicals specifically made to kill dust mites and get rid of their waste products. By doing so, you'll return the cleaner to its former state, as well as prevent dust mites from returning to it.

What To Look For In An Air Purifier For Dust-mites

Finding an air purifier for dust mite removal isn't just about picking a good product. There are many models available in stores that claim to be able to remove up to 99% of dust mite particles from the air. This is a big claim and one that you need to be aware of.

Not all models can do this, so you have to make the effort and ask yourself some questions before investing in what could potentially be a waste of money instead of making your home much more pleasant.

Ease of Use:

Ease of Use refers to how easy a product is to use. It's important that you fully understand the product, and look for one that is very straightforward, as opposed to difficult to set up. For most products it's fairly straight forward, so it's important you find an air purifier that makes things simple for you!

Ease of Cleaning:

How easily does the air purifier remove dust and other particles from your home? What type of filter does it use? Is it easy to clean or do you need special attachments? You also want to make sure that there are no tricky parts. Some models come with a pre-filter which can be removed but others can be replaced by the user.

Power settings:

Power settings could be anything from the lowest possible setting to highest. The higher the number, the more powerful it is. This does not mean it will be any quieter or any cleaner but it will be more effective.

Air Cleaner (Fan):

Air Cleaner is what the purifier draws air through. The best air cleaners are HEPA rated air cleaners. Some come with a pre-filter which can be removed and cleaned while others require replacing if they get too dirty.

Air Filters:

Air Filters are easily the most important components of an air purifier. They are the only way to remove particles from air as small as 0.3 microns and even 1 micron particles can cause asthma related conditions in those who are sensitive.

The best filters are HEPA rated, but despite this, many models have filter options and settings that you might not be aware of. Some offer a pre-filter (which can be removed) or setting where you can adjust how much dust it spits out every time it blows hot air through your home.


Ventilation refers to the amount of air being drawn into your home. This can be a lot or a little. A lot is required for larger spaces, like kitchens or living areas, and a little is needed in smaller rooms such as bedrooms where you're likely to be sleeping. Ventilation is important as it's what allows your air purifiers to remove particles from the air.

Types of Air Purifier For Dust-mites

Dust mites can easily be removed from the air by using a mechanical air purifier with a HEPA filter but these come with their own problems. Some of these problems include loud operation, blinding lights, and incredibly dusty operation.

HEPA filters

HEPA filters are highly recommended because they are small and can easily be cleaned. HEPA filters have the ability to capture airborne particles that are extremely tiny. They're able to remove up to 99.97% of dust and mold particles, pollen, dirt, dust mites, pet dander and other irritants from the air in your home.

These filters are great because they operate by using a plastic sheet with holes in it that captures particles on the surface. These filters can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or washing machine but it's important that you replace them often.

Activated carbon /charcoal filters:

Charcoal filters are also a great way to remove dust mites from the air. They work by absorbing particles through a chemical process that occurs when the dust particles make contact with the surface of the charcoal. These are very effective, and can be cleaned using soap and water.


Ionizers are vacuum cleaners that expel a high electrical current through the air. They effectively remove heavy particles from the air but they're not recommended for use in bedrooms as they can cause sleep disturbances.

Ultraviolet (UV) light :

Ultraviolet light is released from an electronic or mechanical air purifier. It makes it possible for the unit to filter even the smallest of particles. These filters are recommended for use in bedrooms because they don't have a strong enough output and as a result will not cause any sleep disturbances.

Electrostatic air purifiers :

Electrostatic air purifiers use an electric charge to create a sticky substance called ions. These ions attach to particles in the air and make it easier for either HEPA filters or electrostatic filters to capture them.

Type of Pathogen In An Air Purifier For Dust-mites

As well as dust mites, other particles can cause problems for people and pets. Some of these include:


Allergens are particles that cause allergic reactions and are known to cause asthma symptoms. These particles are likely to be larger than 0.3 microns, so they can be removed by using HEPA filters on an air purifier. Allergens include dust, pollen, dog dander and mold spores.


Pollen is an allergen that is commonly found in the air. It is common in grasslands and forests and when people go to these places they are at an increased risk of getting allergies. While it doesn't make much of a difference, there are a number of people who have very severe reactions to pollen and even some who are allergic to it.

People with pollen allergies can be sensitive to dust which then causes problems for those around them.

Dust mites.

Dust mites may be small but they can cause allergic reactions, asthma, and skin problems in those who are sensitive to them. There are traps and filters that can be used to get rid of dust mites but it's best to use an air purifier that contains a HEPA filter.


Bacteria can also be found in the air which is why it's a good idea to use a good air purifier when you're sick. Dust can carry bacteria that gets into your lungs and causes infections which then lead to illnesses like pneumonia.


Mold is a type of fungus that can cause problems for people who are susceptible to mold. If you have a leaky roof, it's very likely that mold will grow and you'll end up with a problem. Mold is also easily airborne so any home with leaks or damaged roofs may be at risk. However if you live in a home with good insulation, mold will be unlikely to grow in your home.


Smoke is also likely to be found in the air, especially in homes where people smoke. The particles in smoke can cause lung conditions and are a major risk factor for cancers. The symptoms of smoke inhalation are coughing and a sore throat. If you're suffering from this, it's recommended that you use an air purifier to remove the particles from the air.

Pet Odor

Pet Odor is a type of particle that is commonly found in the air. They are made of substances such as urine, feces and hair. It can cause problems for people with allergies as well as other pets.

Pet dander.

Pet dander is a type of particle that is made up of skin cells and dead skin cells that come from animals such as cats and dogs. This is something that you won't be able to see but you may be able to smell if it's bad.


Odors are a type of particle that is commonly found in the air. They are made up of substances such as human sweat, fire smoke and cooking odors. It can cause problems for those with allergies, asthma, irritation and other breathing problems.


Air purifiers are the ideal way to eliminate dust-mites and keep your family healthy. They have many other uses as well, such as keeping dust allergies at bay, killing germs, and removing unpleasant odors. If you need an air purifier for your home and/or office space, I highly recommend the two listed below.

Both of these models are excellent and eliminate 99% of all irritants in the air before they get to you or anyone else in your home!

Dust mites are notoriously difficult to eliminate and therefore need an extra bit of caution. Our grid has some of the top air purifiers out there today! These models are extremely powerful and have special features such as UV light sterilization; they work by capturing 99% of airborne particles and then releasing clean particles into the air.

  • FDA-Cleared Air Purification: Molekule Air Pro is FDA-cleared as a 510(k) Class II medical device to destroy viruses, bacteria, odors, smoke, pet dander, mold and other pollutants..WiFi-enabled : 2.4 GHz. Cord length : 70.87 in. (180 cm)
  • Designed for Large Spaces: For large residential or business spaces and high-traffic areas up to 1000 sq ft, such as living rooms, kitchens and home offices with 3x the airflow of Molekule’s award-winning consumer devices.
  • PECO vs. HEPA Filters: Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) filters work at the molecular level to destroy indoor air pollution, not just capture it to provide cleaner air.
  • Portable Air Purification: With its vegan leather handle, Molekule Air Pro can be easily carried and plugged in anywhere in the home or business for increased flexibility.
  • Particle & Chemical Sensors: Detect and categorize VOCs and a range of air particles from 10 microns down to 0.3 microns, including PM10 (pollen) and PM2.5 (dust), and particles smaller than PM1 (smoke).
  • Two Auto-Protect Modes: Standard and Quiet mode automatically regulate the air purifier fan speed based on the detected particle levels, as well as a 6-speed manual mode for custom purification.
  • Smart & connected: Easy-to-control touch-screen interface with Wi-Fi capabilities using the iPhone or Android app.
  • Ozone-Free Air Purification: No worries, not only does the Molekule Air Pro not emit ozone, it destroys it.
  • VOICE OPERATED: When life gets out of hand, Molekule is hands-free with voice-operated Alexa compatibility
  • Reduced Noise Level: The whisper quiet, 33-decibel low fan speed is sonically unobtrusive.
  • Connected: WiFi connected; See real time reports, remotely control your machine and create schedules around your day using the Dyson link app
  • The latest Dyson purifying fan; It senses pollution and allergens, captures them in a sealed HEPA activated carbon filter, and projects purified air around the room
  • Projects: projects purified air throughout the whole room
  • Voice Control
  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: With a CADR of 130 CFM / 221 m3/h, the Vital 100 is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. It can cover 300 ft² / 28 m² in only 18 minutes. (Only products over 6 pounds can be equipped with such powerful motors that optimize the air cleaning performance).Voltage: AC 120V, 60Hz
  • 3-STAGE FILTRATION: Comes equipped with a washable pre-filter for large particles like lint and fur, a High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter for toxic fumes and unpleasant odors, and an HEPA Filter, which captures at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns (µm)
  • SLEEP COMFORTABLY: With noise levels as low as 23 decibels, the Vital 100 won’t keep you up at night. You can also turn off the display lights when it’s time for bed
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Set a timer for 2, 4, or 8 hours whenever you like. The Check Filter Indicator will let you know when it’s time for a fresh filter
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: It only costs dollar 1.66 a week to run the Vital 100 24/7 , allowing you to use it all day during times of high pollution, like wildfire season
  • EASY TO PLACE: The compact design and top-facing air vents let you place the Vital 100 near walls or in the corner of a room
  • FILTER REPLACEMENTS: Depending on usage, the filters should be replaced every 6–8 months. You can buy new filters by searching "B08BC5V6ZF" and "B085C22XWC". Remove the plastic wrap before installing a new filter

Other Questions

Can baking soda get rid of dust mites?

Baking soda is a very popular household product. People use it to clean everything from the microwave to the refrigerator. However, one of the most common uses for baking soda is as an air freshener. People often put a box in their car or near their bed and sprinkle it around when they feel like their home or car smells bad. However, does this actually work?

In normal situations baking soda can eliminate odors but it's not effective at reducing allergens and dust mites in your home. And while there may be some use for baking soda as an air freshener, you're certainly better off investing in an air purifier if you have a serious dust mite problem.

What kills mites instantly?

Sprays and aerosols containing pyrethrins will kill mites instantly. These products should be diluted using water and should be carefully applied to surfaces rather than sprayed in the air.

What kills mites on clothes?

Mites can live in clothing and will feed on human sweat. This makes it very dangerous for people who wear clothes that are infested with mites. Mite infestations on clothing can cause skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, hives and other problems such as itching. The easiest way to get rid of these horrible parasites is to place the clothes in a hot washing machine (at 120 degrees Fahrenheit) for at least 30 minutes.

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