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Air Purifiers For A Restaurant 

No matter what type of business you are running, it is important to consider how clean your air is for your employees and customers. Air purifiers have the potential to significantly improve the quality of air in a restaurant or office, which is why they make such a great choice for most establishments.

There are many benefits of using an air purifier within the workplace, including protection from odors and allergens that may be present in the air. This post will tell you about some factors to consider before purchasing an air purifier as well as ways that it can affect your business positively when installed properly.


One of the first things to consider is the size of your office or restaurant space and how much square footage your air purifier needs to cover. If you need help with determining this, simply use a measuring tape and get an accurate measurement for each section of your place. From there, you can choose an air purifier beset for your operation's size.

The air purifier has the potential to become a helper in many different ways when you are operating a restaurant. It helps remove smoke odors, pet dander, mold spores and airborne allergens from the air all while circulating fresh air in throughout the premises.

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Does air purifier remove food smell?

The amount of food smells should be kept to a minimum while buying an air purifier for a restaurant. In small restaurants, an air purifier is often necessary since the smell can easily get into the air.

A good recommendation is to buy an air purifier that comes with a carbon filter as this helps absorb the smells from food and cooking. You can read more about any specific ones you might be interested in on Amazon, which is a great website for getting detailed reviews.

Whenever you are ready to buy an air purifier or any other type of equipment, it is important that you keep a few things in mind when looking to buy one. Keep your budget in mind because air purifiers can get quite pricey depending on the size of the room that you need it for.

The toilets

Urine and poop will be another problem is a restaurant, they can cause a bad smell. The toilets must be cleaned regularly to keep the smells away. An air purifier for the restaurant will help you to reduce the smell in it. This can also help you to keep your customers happy.

Depending on the size of the toilet, you may need an Air Purifier in each one.

Consider the cost of the air purifier

The cost will depend on the size of the area that you want to clean. The larger the area, more expensive it will be. Air purifiers also have different functionalities; one can cover a larger area than another one. If you are looking for a small air purifier for your restaurant, then it will not be very expensive.

An air filter that is attached to a restaurant’s HVAC unit is not enough to improve overall air quality.

An Air Purifier for the Restaurant

With the options for air purifiers, there is no guarantee that any of them will work correctly. The following are some tips worth considering for choosing a proper air purifier for your restaurant:

  • Know their size. The size is very important to install an air purifier as it affects how big a space you need coverage. With regards to small and medium sized businesses, they should have a system that covers up to 1800 square feet of space. For larger ones, two or more systems would be needed depending on the size of the business.

  • Know their shape and quality. They are also categorized in various shapes and quality based on how they work. You can choose from types that filter the air and also have the ability to deodorize it. There are also HEPA-type filters that are recommended for restaurants because they do not only remove dust, but also particles such as dander that may cause allergies to customers.

  • Clean regularly. This includes a regular cleaning schedule for the rest of your restaurant's equipment. This is applicable to all machines, including air purifiers and dishwashers. As part of the maintenance, ensure the hose is unclogged, the fan is clean and all vents are clear and functional.

  • Replacing filters within time limits - You have to make sure you replace your filters regularly just like any other appliances in your restaurant. You should also make a routine to check the filters regularly just like any other appliances in your restaurant.

  • Ask for a guarantee. This is another tool that you can use to make sure that the air purifiers are working properly as it keeps them from breaking down right away and giving you a hard time when you need them most.

  • Do not forget about the installation. With all your new air purifier, be sure to ask the installer to show him/her how it's going to be installed. If possible, double-check before moving it into its final location so everything goes smoothly and without hassle.

What is the best place to put an air purifier?

It need to be 6" from the wall and no higher than 10" off the ground. This is where the air purifier is going to draw air from.

Air purifiers produce a pushing and sucking motion in your restaurant. Where you place it in your restaurant has a significant impact on how well it does its job and how loud the sound will be. The following are some recommendations for placement of an air purifier for your business:

Will an air purifier make my Restaurant smell better?

If you need to sanitize it often. then yes, this is possible. A place that smelled before can certainly smell better and less or no odor at all. Another good reason for using an air purifier is because the dirty smells will not get into your restaurant. There will be a pleasant one that can help your customers feel better inside.

Is there a room that you can't use an air purifier in?

No, there is no room that can be used in the restaurant or kitchen in which you cannot use an air purifier in. However, during maintenance or when cleaning, it is important to make sure it's turned off so it does not blow the fumes around.

What To Look For In An Air Purifier For your restaurant

So many factors come into play when choosing a new air purifier for the restaurant. The size of your room is one factor and the number of people that will be in it at any given time. You can also get a portable air purifier if you are looking to clean a small area.

If you are not sure what size would work best for your business, you will need to determine how much square footage your business has and what kind of food you prepare and serve. Different foods can help cause different smells so it is best to know what kind of smells will be present in your restaurant before purchasing an air purifier.

Also look at the following items:

Ease of Use:

Ease of use is important because the maintenance will be hard to do with a complicated machine. Another factor to look at is how easy will it be to maintain, repair and clean the air purifier.


Do you want a machine that has an auto-off feature? This feature will turn the machine off if it overheats or if there is no longer enough air circulating. No one wants a machine that causes electrical fires or can harm anyone in your restaurant.

Air Filtration:

If you want a machine that can filter air and stop smells at the same time, you should get an air purifier that has this feature. Ask yourself if you want your air purifier to have UV lights or even germs with the HEPA filters. It is all up to you as it does not really matter as long as you are happy with it.

Power settings:

Power settings are used for all the features of the air purifier. Look what kind of watts it has so you are able to decide if you would like an air purifier with a higher power or one with a lower wattage.


Ventilation is important as it will help remove smoke, rotten food smells and any other bad smells. Any machine with ventilation is a good choice. Ventilation will also prevent people from having breathing problems from the machine.


A large machine will cover a larger area and the air will circulate accordingly. This will remove odors but it may be noisy. A small machine can be used in tight spaces such as cabinets, under counters and small rooms where there are not many people going in and out of.

Fan Speed Settings:

There is a fan that helps circulate air. You should decide which speed setting works best for your restaurant. If you want to have full control over this, you need to get an air purifier that has several fan speed settings.


The cost of an air purifier is determined by the size and quality. If you have a large amount of square footage or if you want a professional machine, the cost goes up. Also, the cost is determined by many factors such as how many filters are in the machine and how often they need to be replaced.

Types of Air Purifier For A Restaurant - Filter Types

Filter type is a good thing to consider when purchasing an air purifier. You can have a HEPA filter, a UV filter or both. It depends on your needs and it will also depend on the price that you are willing to pay for the machine since it will cost you more if you have both filters in it.

HEPA filters

HEPA filters are able to remove 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and bigger. They are great in removing dust, mold and bacteria from the air in your restaurant. The outside of the filters is made up of tiny fibers and they are covered with a thin layer to make the air pass through it. There is an ionizer that will kill germs as well. It will not let any bacteria to grow or multiply. You will have a better experience when you have this filter in place.

UV filters

UV filters are good for removing smoke, pollen and other various particles that may be present in your restaurant. This is good for reducing the amount of bacteria present in the air as well as keeping it fresh.

Activated carbon/charcoal filters

Activated carbon or charcoal filters can help remove odors and chemicals as well as smoke from the air in your restaurant. This is a good filter to have if you are in a place where there is a lot of cooking that takes place or if you have smokers inside. It will be able to absorb all bad smells and make your customers feel comfortable inside the restaurant.


Ionizers have an ozone feature that will break down substances in the air and kill bacteria. This is a good choice for a restaurant if you have people with respiratory problems that come in and out frequently. It will help them breath easier and it will keep them from getting infections or getting sick from bacteria or viruses that are present in the air.

Ultraviolet (UV) light

Ultraviolet light is great for killing germs and bacteria as well as removing odors. It can help keep your air fresh and clean. It will not filter out dust or debris but it will kill germs. This is a good choice for the restaurant where there are sick people in the air that come in and out frequently.

Electrostatic air purifiers

Electrostatic air purifiers are good for removing odors, bacteria and particles. It will help you get rid of pet dander, dust mites and other germs. This is good for the restaurant if you have animals that have been in the air or that are in the building. It will help reduce the bacteria presence in the air as well as keeping it from forming mold.

Ozone generators

Ozone generators are not good for removing smells and bacteria from the air. They are present mainly in public places where people having respiratory problems come to get away from the germs in the air.

Ozone generators are good for sanitizing cooking utensils, cutting boards, cutting boards breads, tables and any other surface that is touched by food. It will kill bacteria and germs while it also kills grease and odors.

Type of Pathogen In An Air Purifier For for a Restaurant

There are lots of pathogen that an air purifier can kill or remove from the air.


This is a type of allergen that could be very irritating to some people. It could aggravate allergies and cause someone to have watery eyes. If you are in an area where there are lots of trees, flowers or grass then you will have pollen in the air. This can make people sick so if you want customers to come in and feel comfortable then you should get an air purifier that can filter out pollen particles from the air.


Allergens are good for removing air toxins such as mold, fungi or pollen. If you are in an area where there are a lot of flowers or trees, then you will have to make sure that your air purifier can remove the allergens. This is good if people are allergic to these types of particles or allergens.

Dust mites.

Dust mites may not seem like a big deal to some people but they can cause people to suffer from allergies. This is the reason why an air purifier might be a good idea for your restaurant if you want all of your customers to feel comfortable.


You may think that smoke is a no-brainer but it is important because it causes respiratory issues with people and if you are thinking of getting an air purifier then you might want one that can remove cigarette smoke or other known cancerous gases from the air.


Mold is present in the air all of the time but it is good to have an air purifier that will be able to remove it in places where there are lots of people. Mold can cause respiratory issues and if you have a restaurant that serves food then you will want to make sure that this is not a problem in the air.


Bacteria are a big problem in restaurants and if you have them in the air then customers will not want to eat there. Bacteria could cause a lot of health issues and if you have them in the air, you should get an air purifier to keep it from getting into the air.


In closing to this article, we want to mention that more people are becoming concerned about the quality of food that they eat with certain diseases being brought on due to poor quality of air. It is important for all food service establishments such as restaurants, hospitals and hotels to take steps towards ensuring the quality of air in their establishments is safe for both employees and customers.

With a proper understanding of ensuring safe air quality, food safety and cleanliness in the HVAC system, food safety professionals can be more effective in protecting food from contamination. They can also make a point for regular maintenance to their systems to ensure energy efficiency.

This has helped in saving money on utility costs, time and maintenance. With the right level of awareness, food service professionals have successfully implemented air purifiers in their businesses as an easy solution to achieve better air quality and cleanliness which is conducive for customer satisfaction.

  • MAXIMUM COVERAGE: Cleans large spaces up to 1,793 sq ft in one hour, 896 sq ft in 30 minutes (CADR 406). Ideal for homes, apartments, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, schools, universities, classrooms, hospitals, restaurants, and other businesses.
  • PERFECT FOR ULTRA-LARGE ROOMS: Improve indoor air circulation and purify 2,934ft² spaces in 60 minutes, or 586ft² in 12 minutes (CADR: 664.6 m³/h). The top-performing air purifier is perfect for large room, office, high ceilings, and open-concept spaces.
  • UNPARALLELED 5-LAYER PROTECTION: Dynamic combination of a stainless steel pre-filter, ozone emission removal filter, True HEPA and Carbon filter, and Bio-Guard filter effectively captures 100% of 0.09-micron particles in the air, including pollen, pollutants, smoke, pet dander, dust, and other allergens. It also eliminates toxic Ozone in the home to less than 1 ppb, offering an ozone free space.
  • AIR QUALITY & ODOR TWO SENSORS IN ONE: This Air Purifier features two sensors to detect both air particles and smells, including smoke and pet smell, automatically adjust the fan speed and deliver real-time readings. A perfect air purifier choice for pets’ parents and smokers.
  • AIR PURIFIER WITH WASHABLE FILTERS: This air purifier is designed to eliminate costly replacements. The Never-Rust stainless-steel pre-filter and Bio-Guard filter are washable and reusable for up to 20 years. Ozone emission removal filter is reusable up to 20 years. The True HEPA and Carbon filter is replaceable in every 12 months. Search for B0BCS8W996 or NuWave HEPA/Carbon Combo Filter to find replacement filter. NuWave filters provide the best fit and filtration, while off-brand filters are unreliable and may damage the air purifier.
  • SMART AUTO MODE: The OxyPure Hepa Air Purifier can automatically adapt to its surroundings by adjusting fan speeds based on the room’s air quality with the built-in auto mode feature, adjusting purification to the necessary level and saving energy when it’s not needed.
  • FILTER ALERTS: The air filter indicator tells you when the Bio-Guard filter needs to be cleaned and the True HEPA and Carbon filter need to be replaced for maximum efficiency, based on how much air they have processed.
  • WIFI CAPABLE: OxyPure is WIFI capable. You can connect remotely to monitor and control the air quality in your home anytime, anywhere from an app on your phone. The app is compatible with both Android and iPhones.
  • ALLERGY RELIEF & BETTER SLEEP – National Sleep Foundation found that sleep is dramatically impaired by allergy symptoms. OxyPure promotes better sleep by eliminating airborne allergens that can irritate the sinuses, nasal passages, and lungs.
  • NIGHT-TIME SLEEP MODE - OxyPure is designed with Night-Time mode. All indicator lights turn off and fan operates at whisper-quiet level at 31.4 dB to help promote ideal sleeping conditions.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED – 1 owner's manual, 1 stainless-steel pre-filter, 1 ozone emission removal filter, 1 Bio-Guard filter, 1 HEPA/carbon combo filter & 4 additional filters included as a bonus. For the first 5 years, there is ZERO filter replacement cost. (Voltage: 120 V, Wattage: 125 W / 128 W.)
  • HEPASilent technology leverages electrostatic charge and mechanical filtration to deliver true HEPA performance capturing 99.97% of airborne pollutants including dust, mold, pet dander, and pollen for relief from allergies and asthma
  • Dual protection filters with activated coconut carbon, naturally remove gaseous pollutants and smoke without the need for chemical additives
  • Air quality sensors monitor air quality in real time and adjust fan speed accordingly when set to auto mode
  • Wi-Fi enabled for control through the Blueair friend app and Alexa compatible
  • For large rooms between 700 square feet and 800 square feet (AHAM rated at 698 square feet) such as large bedrooms living rooms and kitchens
  • Most independent certifications; Blueair is the only major brand to verify 100% of models with AHAM for performance, Energy Star, and safe ozone

Other Questions

Should I leave my air purifier on all the time?

Yes, you should. Air purifiers work best when they're always operating. You should only turn it off when you're going to leave the premises for an extended period of time or if it gets too hot in the room because the fan starts to go faster. Also, don't forget to clean it once in a while and change the filters every two months to prevent any buildup of mold or bacteria.

How do you remove odors from a room?

You can spray, but the smell will stay in the air for a long time. You can also use a room freshener, but you'll have to continue using and replacing it. An air purifier is the best way to remove odors from a room.

How often should I clean my air purifier?

You should clean it once every week. The best way to clean it is by using warm water and a disinfectant like Lysol, Drano or Clorox. It's best if you only use bleach when you have a large unit and have to do the cleaning on a flooring with plenty of carpet or a ceiling with lots of drapes and curtains. If you have both, make use of the ceiling option.

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If you want to keep your home clean and free of contaminants—and save money on heating and air conditioning bills—quality air purifiers are a powerful first step.

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