Air Purifier With White Noise

White Noise and Air Purifiers

You're not the only one to have been plagued by a stuffy nose or sleepless nights because of heavy, toxic air in your home. Air Purifiers are commonly used to remove odors, allergens and other harmful particles from the air. But there's a new trick up their sleeves for making every breath more enjoyable: white noise.

An air purifier with white noise will emit an ambient sound that can be soothing but it also masks other unwanted sounds that are common in homes like creaking floors, dripping faucets, flushing toilets And Tinnitus.

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What is an air purifier?

A typical air purifier has two functions: to clean the air and to sterilize dust particles. That's why some air purifiers include HEPA filters which have been proven effective in cleaning the air by trapping allergens and other harmful pollutants such as bacteria, mold and viruses.

Do air purifiers make white noise?

Yes, a lot of brands actually do make white noise as one of their features. Some high end air purifiers even create eight different natural sounds like waterfalls, rainfall or ocean waves that can be a huge help for those who suffer from Tinnitus.

Can white noise be harmful?

If white noise is above a certain level (50dB) then it may become harmful, but using white noise as a way to sleep is also good for a healthy lifestyle as it helps in falling asleep. Some prefer using white noise to help them focus as it helps them concentrate better and stay alert.

Another reason why people like using white noise is because they can adjust the volume for their preference; meaning that if they need a little less than usual volume, they can turn it down and if they need more sound, they can turn up the volume.

Is it better to sleep in silence or with noise?

"Noise pollution in the environment is a human-made phenomenon, and in the United States, it's a problem that has only been growing," said Michael Brauer, a professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of British Columbia who studies how noise affects sleep.

It does not matter how you get to sleep, as long as you do. The key is to create a normal sleep cycle by getting the right amount of sleep, no matter what time of the night it is. And there are proper ways to do this.

"It's not about a debate on whether people should sleep in silence or with white noise, just know that you can get the same result without any of these issues. You also need to establish a healthy sleep routine,"

Are white noise machines worth it?

Yes, if you are a heavy snorer or suffer from Tinnitus.

White noise has been proven to help people in sleeping faster and better. One study done by researchers from the Washington State University (WSU) showed that "people who use a fan to create white noise while they sleep have fewer sleeping problems like restlessness and difficulty falling asleep" .

What is the best white noise for sleeping?

Pink Noise is said to be the best white noise for sleeping as it mimics the sound of rainfall and helps people relax their minds. Fans, HVAC systems, humidifiers and white noise machines are also good options.

A white noise machine will have an option for pink noise as well

How loud should white noise be for adults?

A maximum of 50dB is the recommended noise level for adults. On average, sound levels of 50dB are closer to what the human ear is exposed to during quiet everyday situations. However, white noise can be made louder or softer depending on individual preference. Lower volumes could be more relaxing.

How loud should white noise be for babies?

The recommended level of noise for babies is between 40dB and 50dB. This is loud enough to cover the sound of a crying child but soft enough not to disturb sleeping infants in the next room. If parents are concerned about the noise level in their baby's nursery, consider using a product with a volume control or make adjustments to the volume setting as needed.


It may be hard to switch from silence to sound, but it could be better than being uncomfortable in your own home. White noise could help you sleep better and more relaxed.

If you feel that the sound of white noise is not enough, a sound machine could be a good buy for you as these machines have been proven to provide more relaxing sounds such as soft ocean waves or waterfalls. They can also adjust their volume depending on how loud or soft you want it to be.

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Date : August 19, 2021

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I know that there are some advantages to having an air purifier alone, but I wanted to tell you about the ones that I have personally found when owning one with a humidifier. For instance, not only does it help keep the air in your home cleaner. But it also keeps your skin clean! It is important for people with sensitive skin like myself because they can experience dryness if their skin isn't properly hydrated.

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