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air purifier with humidifier

An air purifier with humidifier is the best way to maintain comfort in your home, while also cleaning the air of harmful pollutants and allergens.

Have a look at our list of top picks for air purifiers with humidifier from which you can choose. And don't forget about our helpful buying guide - it's worth a read!


In this article, we'll take a closer look at what makes an air purifier with humidifier so great, as well as share the best models on the market right now.

But, if you're short on time, here's our list of the top air purifiers with humidifier.

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Is an air purifier a humidifier?

Normally, No. However some air purifiers come with humidifiers on board. In that case, the answer is yes! An air purifier with humidifier is a device that can both clean the air and add humidity to it. There are some models that are just humidifiers without any air cleaning capabilities, though.

So, if you want to increase the humidity only, you need a special device to do so. One of the best options is an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier.

What is an Air Purifier With Humidifier?

An air purifier with humidifier combines an air purification device with a humidifier. The basic concept is that the air that comes through your vents will be cleaned and then humidified in order to make your home more comfortable. A warm mist humidifier also helps to add moisture to dry winter air, which can help reduce the effects of dry skin and congestion.

A number of manufacturers have been releasing these two-in-one products in recent years, offering consumers a number of different features and options. Brands like Honeywell and GermGuardian are two of the leading manufacturers of these new products, creating air purifiers with humidifiers that can help to improve their users' quality of life.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Purifiers With Humidifiers?

An air purifier with humidifier might seem like an ideal solution for both those who live in areas where allergies and pollen are a problem, as well as those who suffer from dry skin or other respiratory health issues. However, this is not always the case. There are a number of factors that should be considered before purchasing an air purifier with humidifier.

The Benefits of an Air Purifier With Humidifier

If you suffer from allergies or other illnesses, you probably know how crucial it is to keep the air around you free from particulate matter and allergens. An air purifier with humidifier can help do just that. These products are designed to help remove a number of different pollutants from your home's air.

Some of these include dust, pollen, pet dander and bacteria. By removing these particles, you will be able to breathe more easily and also reduce the risk of exacerbating any existing conditions or illnesses that are related to breathing issues .

Dry skin is also a problem for many people during the winter months.

Can you use an air purifier and humidifier together

Yes, you can use an air purifier with humidifier together. There are models available that allow the user to have both a humidifier and an air purifier in the same space. An air purifier with humidifier can be used to help with respiratory issues and allergies, especially if you have a history of seasonal allergies or other respiratory health issues.

You can also use these products to increase the humidity in your home to help keep your skin healthy, which is especially important for those who suffer from dry skin.

These devices should also be considered for any homes that are located in areas where dust is a significant issue. These types of homes should also consider adding one of these units to their household collection.

Where should an air purifier be placed in a room?

Some air purifiers are better for rooms that are open to the outdoors, because of the particulate matter that can be found in the air. These types of products should be placed in an area where they will not be blocked by large furniture or other items. For optimal results, the air purifier should not be placed directly in front of an open window or door.

It is important to make sure that these devices are placed next to a ceiling vent, however. This placement allows for maximum airflow within a room and helps ensure you will have as much clean air as possible reach your home's surfaces.

Is an air purifier better than a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier generally operates at a lower level than an air purifier. This means that the amount of water being removed by a dehumidifier is generally much less than a true air purifier. Therefore, if your goal is to remove moisture from the air, you should opt for one of these models rather than an air purifier.

What are some great features of an air purifier with humidifier?

When you are looking to purchase an air purifiers with humidifiers and plan on purchasing one for your home, you will want to consider the following features:

  • The ease with which you can clean the filters in these devices is very important. If you are planning on using a humidifier in several rooms of your home, plan on cleaning the filters each day or every few days.
  • Many air purifiers with humidifiers have indicators that will tell you when it is time to clean the filter. There are also devices that simply have the option to automatically clean their filters so you can be sure to clean them regularly.
  • Air purifier with humidifier come with different levels of features and functionality. These devices can be effective at removing many different types of particles from your air, as well as humidifying the air. They also offer some carbon filtration and UV filters to help remove odors and other allergens.
  • These types of products will require particular maintenance, especially if you are purchasing a model that has humidifier add-ons. When you purchase one of these products, make sure that you plan on cleaning the filter at least once per day or every few days depending on how frequently you will be using the humidifier and/or air purifier.

Tips for Using an Air Purifier With Humidifier:

Make sure to change the water before the unit has reached its maximum capacity.

  • Do not fill the reservoir with boiling water.
  • Do not overfill the reservoir. This will cause overflowing. (This is also dangerous to your unit.)
  • After filling the reservoir make sure to loosen the lid so that vapor can escape when the unit is in use. If you do not loosen this lid enough, your device might not work correctly and it will start to become moldy.

Do air purifiers make noise?

Some air purifiers with humidifiers can make a lot of noise when the humidifier is turned on. This is not usually a problem, but if you are trying to sleep or work while using one of these units, they can become quite annoying. Other models of air purifiers that offer humidifiers are actually designed so little noise is made when the vapor fills your room.

If you decide to purchase an air purifier that includes a humidifier, ensure that it is not too loud when it is turned on so that it does not bother you or your guests if you have to leave it on for longer than anticipated.

Why are air purifiers so expensive

Air purifiers and humidifiers are quite expensive. This is not a cause for concern, however. They are designed to last a good amount of time, and most models will last several years before they require repair or replacement. In addition, you should know that some of the units may require replacement filters regularly, even if they have been cleaned frequently.

One thing you should be aware of when purchasing an air purifier that has both features is that these units almost always require more maintenance and cleaning than a traditional air purifier alone. The reason for this is because it is important to ensure that all of the particulate matter in your home's air reaches the unit's filters in order to function properly.

Are expensive air purifiers worth it?

If you are purchasing an air purifier that is very expensive, you should make sure that you know exactly what it is designed to do. A lot of these units are sold based on the fact that they are able to remove toxins from the air and will help with allergies as well.

You may find that a high-end unit does have more features than other models, but if it is not as effective in removing chemicals and particles from the air, or if it is not able to humidify the air properly, you should consider another unit.

What is the difference between an air purifier with humidifiers vs. an air purifier without humidifiers?

Air purifiers that have humidifiers are the same as a traditional air purifier except that they also come with a small tank or reservoir of water. These devices are very similar to those that come with humidifiers in many ways, and you can even consider them as advanced versions of those models.

If you decide to purchase an air purifier with humidifier, make sure that your unit comes with the necessary filters to keep it clean and always ready for use. After all, just like any other unit, it is important to know when it is time to replace these filters if they have become damaged or contaminated with mold or other harmful particles.

Can a HEPA filter stop mold, bacteria, and dust?

Some air purifiers are designed to eliminate mold and other harmful contaminants from your air. This is actually their main function, and there are many models that come with several features that accomplish this.

HEPA filters are the main filters that clean your air of these harmful substances, but there are also UV lights and carbon filters included with these units as well. Though all of these different components are very important, the HEPA filter is one of the most significant elements to look for when you purchase a unit that is designed to remove contaminants from your home's air.

HEPA filter can reduce 99.9% of germs, allergens, and dust particles from your air. It is also able to trap toxins and chemicals that are harmful to your health. If you have the correct filters installed in your unit, it will be able to remove smoke and odors from the air as well, but a HEPA filter is most important when you are purchasing an air purifier that does not include a humidifier.

Is a humidifier or air purifier better for asthma?

Both are great for asthma, however it is best to purchase an air purifier that includes a humidifier, as these can help a person's airways and breathing more than a standard air purifier alone.

Better overall Health

You probably know by now how important it is to be exposed to clean air, especially when you are out doors. This is particularly true for individuals with respiratory disorders and asthma, but there are actually several reasons that an air purifier can help your overall health.

Some people are allergic to certain elements or chemicals in the air, and the particles present in this air can cause them to have allergic reactions. These particles also can cause respiratory disorders such as asthma when they reach your lungs. In addition to this, these substances may cause cancer as well if they proceed into more parts of your body.

A normal air purifier is able to remove all of these harmful elements from the massive amount of harmful particles present in the air.



To sum everything up before you go there is this. In fact, Air purifiers do remove toxins, microbes and bacteria from the air but they don't remove all the allergens in the air unlike HEPA filters. An Air Purifier without a HEPA filter is not able to absorb most of them.

Also, Air purifiers with a humidifier have high efficiency of removing pollutants in the air as compared to standard air purifiers but will not be able to remove some harmful products like formaldehyde as long as you do not have an HEPA filter installed with them.

  • 🍀【Innovative 2 in 1 design】According to customer suggestions, we added a humidifier and remote control to the air purifier. Just fix the humidifier on the air purifier and add water. You can say goodbye to dryness while enjoying clean air. (Removal of the humidifier does not affect the use of the air purifier. But the humidifier module could not be used independently)REPLACEMNT FILTER: Search for B08TWL5JRZ on amazon.
  • 🍀【Four-sided air intake,More efficient】Imported filter can quickly catch peculiar odour and smoke. It only takes 30 minutes to purify a 538 ft² room. Removing 99.99% of pet dander, dust, pollen, mold, eliminate dust, bacteria, mold and More! Reducing the impact of smoke on children and gravidas, whether they are in the living room or bedroom, they can enjoy fresh air at home freely.
  • 🍀【High tech no water mist humidification】It will not cause moisture to surrounding affairs. Helps you fight dry skin, wrinkles and nosebleeds. Great for babies and pregnant women's bedroom.Humidification replacement filter: Search for B097RL8BX6 on amazon.
  • 🍀【Unique Color-Changing designed for children】Features seven vibrant colors to choose from:blue/cyan/green/yellow/orange/red/purple. With room air purifiers running at the lowest fan speed, this air cleaner is just at 22dB. Set a time and turn off the display light, enjoying relaxed night or reading without interference from lights and odours
  • 🤩🤩【<0.69KWh /24H】: Even if the air purifier and humidifier are used together for 24 hours, the power consumption is less than 0.69kW. Saved the electricity bill of the humidifier.The filter of the humidifier can be washed up to two times. Need to be replaced after two times
  • 4-in-1 air purifier includes the HEPA filter air purifier, circulator fan, heater, and humidifier all in a single convenient package
  • Removes smoke, pet dander, dust, and other odors and irritants with the HEPA filter to create a clean and comfortable environment
  • Heats and moisturizes your air during the cold, dry winter months; Dimensions (L x W x H): 9 x 10.20 x 25.60 inches; Weight: 12.35 pounds
  • Circulates all the air in medium and large-sized rooms up to 3 times in just 1 hour, quickly producing a more pleasant atmosphere
  • Intuitive controls set your ideal temperature and humidity settings; Low-water and tip-over sensors ensure safe operation

Other Questions

Do humidifiers improve air quality?

Yes, humidifiers are capable of improving your air quality, but they will have limited effect if you do not have a HEPA filter installed with it. The great thing about having a HEPA filter is that it will remove all the pollutants in your air and the humidifier will be able to absorb most of them while at so it will also increase the humidity level in your room and make it healthier.

Are air purifiers good for allergies?

Mostly, yes. However, if you want to remove allergens from the air then get an Air Purifier with a HEPA filter or preferably an Allergen Remover Air Filter to remove as many allergens as possible. These filters are more efficient at filtration and will remove all the allergens from the air.

Do humidifiers lower humidity?

Yes, humidifiers can lower the humidity level in your room giving you a comfortable sleep while keeping away all the dust mites and pollutants that may have been causing allergy problems. Lower ing the humidity level will also make most of the dust mites and other allergens less active.

Do air purifiers remove mold spores from the air?

They do not completely remove all mold spores, but they will be able to keep them under control and prevent them from spreading throughout your room or even affecting you by producing significant allergic reactions.

These filters are designed to trap all particles on air up to 0.3 microns in size which is one of the most efficient levels of trapping bacteria, viruses, and germs as well as mold spores. This means that even if you have a humidifier with an Air Purifier with a HEPA filter, you will still be protected against molds by these filters.

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