Choosing the Best Air Purifiers Under $800- Which Air Purifier Should I Buy?

Air Purifier that cost $800

An air purifier that costs $800 is not necessarily a bad thing. This article covers what to look for in an air purifier for $800.

As the world becomes more polluted and we are exposed to germs, viruses, and allergens on a daily basis, it's important to take proper precautions when purchasing an air purifier. Will it clean the air? How many filters does it have?


How many features do you want?

There are so many things that go into buying an air purifier; this article will cover some of those questions and give you some insight into what sets certain models apart from others.

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Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can be either ionizing (UV) or antibacterial/antimicrobial. The main difference between the two are the antimicrobial/antimicrobial purifiers use bacteria to kill airborne germs, which means they need to be disinfected with chemical cleaners every now and then.

Ionizing air purifiers don't need to be cleaned since they remove particles of dust and harmful allergens through ionization. An air purifier is a device or appliance which uses some type of technology to clean the air using negative ions, usually UV light or microwaves, to knock out airborne contaminants. An air filter is typically used in conjunction with an air cleaner.

Air Purifier that cost $800

Thing that you may need to consider when buying an air purifier for $800 is what kind to choose. Here are some questions to ask yourself that will help you figure out the best one, and some of the features you want:

Ease of Use:

Is it easy to set up? If so, how easy? What's the learning curve like? Does the air purifier come with any user guides?

Should it be wireless or connected to a power outlet?

How is installation/removal of filters and panels documented? What is the quality of the build quality; are there some parts that require servicing, and can you see inside the filter for maintenance purposes/replacement parts/options on where on the filter to clean them?

If you chose an air purifier with a large capacity-will it be able to clean large spaces (up to 10,000 square feet) efficiently so that there will be enough humidity in the house or office environment? Is it possible.

Power settings:

The power setting are usually measured in watts/Voltage, for air cleaners. The higher the power setting, the more effective the air purifier will be in removing air contaminants. However, this also means that it will cost more to run and will take up more energy.

If you are concerned about the power rating, then you may want to look for an air purifier that can run on a low power setting so that it will not cost so much to run.

Air Cleaner (Fan):

The air cleaner is the most important part of the air purifier. This is the part that cleans the air of dust and harmful airborne allergens. Here are some things to consider when picking a good air cleaner:

Make sure that it has a high-quality fan that efficiently removes all dust and airborne pollutants.

The unit should have an air mover that has a constant speed setting if it will be used in an area with people sleeping or constantly moving, so you don't disturb them by having a noisy fan on with an erratic speed. For big rooms, you may want to consider a fan that can be adjusted with automatic settings.


The airflow should be able to circulate air well. The unit may need to be positioned near a ceiling or have multiple fans, depending on the size of the room it is to be used in. If it is to be used as a night-time humidifier for a bedroom, then it should be near the bed but not too close so it doesn't disturb your sleep.


Does the air cleaner come with a warranty? How long is the warranty? Is there a way to extend the warranty if you think that something might go wrong soon after purchase, or if something does go wrong, how easy will it be to get under warranty? The amount of time in which you have coverage on your air purifier should never be overlooked.


If you are looking for an air purifier that has heating or cooling capabilities, then it is important to make sure that it can effectively and efficiently heat or cool the air. If you have a lot of space and plan on running it at night, make sure that it runs silently.

Types of Air Purifier For $800

The next part is the filter to consider. There are several options to choose from for an air purifier that cost $800. Here are some of the best options for air purifiers with filters.

HEPA Filter:

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. These filters are usually found in air cleaners and can reduce up to 99% of the harmful airborne particles such as dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and chemicals such as cigarette smoke and chemicals used in building materials. HEPA filters are reusable and have an excellent lifespan with a filter life span of almost 5 years before they need to be replaced.

Activated carbon /charcoal filters:

These filters are typically found in humidifiers and are good at reducing odors but not so much on killing airborne germs or particulates. A carbon filter can remove several times more contaminants than standard filters, and it will last for a long time. Make sure that the filters are easy to replace and that they are easy to clean.

Ultraviolet (UV) Filters:

These filters are used in air cleaners, air purifiers, and humidifiers to kill airborne bacteria or viruses such as MRSA and Influenza A. UV light is considered to be the best germ killing technology and is used in homes or offices where the owner doesn't want people coming into contact with viruses, bacteria, mold spores and other harmful airborne particles.

UV light is not only used to kill airborne pathogens but also as a disinfecting tool against germs on household surfaces.


These air purifiers emit negative ions that help in removing airborne pathogens, germs and dust particles. These air purifiers have a lot of benefits that they don't have, such as reducing cold and flu symptoms and improving the quality of air in your home or office.

However, there are some drawbacks to using these air purifiers as well. One is that they are very pricey to purchase because they require more powerful batteries than any other type of air cleaner, which means they will not run without the batteries anymore for long periods of time.

Ultraviolet (UV) light :

This type of air cleaner is used to disinfect household surfaces and kill harmful bacteria, viruses, molds and other airborne particles such as dust and pollen. It also helps to eliminate odors from the rooms in your home or office. Ultraviolet light is not only used to kill airborne pathogens but also as a disinfecting tool against germs on household surfaces.

Electrostatic air purifiers :

This type of air purifier is used for very small areas, like in a room for an office or bedroom. The electric charge created by the machine attracts airborne pollutants and attaches them to the filter. These filters are long-lasting but expensive and not very efficient. Electrostatic filters use the air purifiers to charge particles and transfer them onto the filter.

Ozone generators:

This is usually found in air purifiers, but it can also be found in humidifiers and air cleaners. Ozone generators work by breaking down into oxygen and is thought to help reduce the presence of airborne molds, germs and other airborne particles.

However, there are many health concerns about using ozone generators because it can be harmful if the level of ozone is too high. This is a good option for very large spaces but not as efficient for smaller spaces like bedrooms or offices.

Type of Pathogen In An Air Purifier

The type of Pathogen in an air purifier is important because generally speaking, some types of air purifiers are better at killing certain types of pathogens while other types are better at removing some pathogens but not others. Here are the most common types of pathogens that you may come across with.


Allergens are things like Dust Mites, Pollen, Mold spores, feathers, pet hair and dander, dust mites and mold spores. These are also commonly called indoor allergens because they can be found in your home or office and can be removed by air purifiers. Air cleaners that are made to trap these particulates typically use a HEPA filter or an electrostatic filter.


Bacteria such as MRSA or Influenza A are commonly found in hospitals and nursing homes but may also be found in offices, schools and even your own home. The best way to remove bacteria from the air is to take advantage of UV light which can effectively kill the germs and viruses that cause disease.

Dust mites :

Dust mites are small microscopic arthropods that feed on airborne particles. They thrive in the warm, dry conditions associated with indoor environments and look for places to live. Usually, these dust mites can be found in areas where there is a lot of human activity such as beddings, curtains and carpets.

Dust mite can cause severe allergic reactions for some people and cause serious health problems if not properly treated because they are often the cause of asthma attacks, bronchitis and pneumonia. Dust mites produce allergens such as bromethalin which can be toxic to humans. By destroying these Dust Mites you will reduce your exposure by 90-99%.


Pollen is the most common airborne allergen with more than 200 different types and is found in the air. Pollen can be found in many places, including your home, office or school. It is usually released by trees and grasses into the air, that is why it sometimes causes a lot of allergies to people who are allergic to pollen.

You may need to use pollen filters if your home or office has pets or live near fields of grass and trees. Pollen filters can remove up to 99% of pollen from the air without adding chemicals or depleting ozone levels.


Mold is not only found in moist, dark areas of your home but also in a number of household items such as carpets, curtains, upholstery and other items that can lead to fungal growth. There are many types of mold and they can cause asthma symptoms and an allergic reaction.

Mold should be treated by a qualified professional because they are able to detect the most dangerous types of mold with special testing equipment that will not remove any other types of watery spots such as mold spores or bacteria.

Some air purifiers are more efficient than others at removing specific pathogens from the air. For example, some air purifiers are very effective against dust mites while others do not work well against pollen and molds at all.

Fungal spores.

Fungal spores are usually found in the corners of dorm rooms and can cause many problems for students. The fungus produces a bad smell when it grows because it is poisonous. Fungal spores can also be found in dorm rooms because they are dropped by mold spores that have just landed on an object or surface, making the mold spores look like dirt and dust.

This means that most people who are allergic to molds are more susceptible to these types of fungi because the mold can come from any surface and settle on a clean surface without being noticed. Fungal spores covers all surfaces where there is moisture which takes place in humid environments such as bathrooms showers, kitchens and even bedding or carpets.


Smoke is a common offender in any home, office or other indoor areas. If you are a smoker and living in a smoke-free environment for the first time, you have to be very careful because it is not easy to find the right air purifier for smoking materials.

Since smoke contains more toxins than mold, dust mites or pollen your product must not only be able to remove them but also make sure that they do not return.


Viruses are very small, but as you know they are very dangerous. They can enter your body through the air and then can attack almost every cell of your body, including cells in your mouth and nose.A virus is a tiny organism that consists of proteins and some nucleic acid surrounded by a protein coat.

The most common viruses are flu, colds, fevers, chicken pox, herpes and measles which have many symptoms such as fever or chills. There is no vaccine for all viruses so you may have to take antiviral medication if you have been infected by a specific type of virus in order to reduce the risk of complications or even death.

Pet Odor

Pet Odor is a very common problem and often the cause for many complaints. The best way to remove pet odor is to keep your home or office clean and organized so that you can easily reach all the places where pets are allowed, like the kitchen or carpets. Keeping a pet-free area in your home will help you get rid of pet odor.

If you keep your cat in a room where pets are allowed, it will release its urine and feces which will get into carpets, carpet padding and furniture. When this is not cleaned on a regular basis, it produces a foul smell and can be very difficult to clean out so you may have to buy special air purifiers that are made for this purpose.


Odors are also found in pet areas because pets not only release bodily fluids, but also produce foul-smelling mucus. Odors in general can be caused by a number of reasons and cleaning with soap and water may not be enough to rid the home of the smell.

Air purifiers are usually very effective against smells because they work by destroying almost any type of odors from organic materials to chemicals. Most air purifiers have several mechanisms built into one device that provide better control over odor removal.

Better Overall Health

There’s a general perception around the world that air purifiers are not only expensive but that they are also not really necessary. It’s probably true that air purifiers can be used for a very long time without needing to be replaced, but air purifiers are still a lot more efficient than many people think.

Air purifiers have recently become popular in the health and fitness community, as there’s increasing evidence of just how important clean, fresh, purified air is to our overall well-being.

Conclusion - Air Purifier For $800

Air purifiers are a great technology that we can use in our homes and businesses. They remove toxins in the air and preserve clean air. They can even make dust mites, mold spores or viruses disappear completely, which ensures better overall health by reducing inflammation and allergens in the air.

Air purifiers are very efficient, but they do not work on themselves. They require electricity to run them and to power all the filters, which usually needs a socket for the device. It is important to see how much electricity is used each month in your home or office so that you can see if you have a problem with high energy bills.

  • HEPA Fresh Filter: The Fresh filter uses activated carbon to mitigate household odors, chemicals, allergens, dust, mold, and germs. Ideal for cooking smells, home renovations, and urban pollution.
  • The BreatheSmart 75i is essential for large spaces up to 2600 sq ft. High-efficiency fan handles toughest contaminants, making it ideal for your home ensuring clean, fresh air throughout your space.
  • Alen air purifiers offer superior performance through the combination of a powerful fan, quiet motor, and advanced filtration. Medical-grade filters capture particles as small as 0.1 micron.
  • SmartSensor adjusts fan speed based on air quality, with color-coded feedback. Purple to blue rings indicate air quality levels from excellent to high particle presence.
  • BreatheSmart 75i is proven by SleepScore Labs to enhance sleep according to a peer study. Its ultra-quiet operation emits pink noise, optimizing lower octave frequencies, and ensuring a restful night.
  • AHAM Verified and CADR rated to effectively clean air of a medium to large space in your home or office up to 310 sq. ft. for a fresher, cleaner atmosphere.
  • A unique purification method promotes 360 degrees of clean air delivery, including areas low to the ground where infants and toddlers can reap the rewards.
  • The Clean Booster delivers clean air farther and ensures more even distribution with 55-degree tilt and 70-degree rotation.
  • Powerful Filtration System with Advanced True HEPA Filter - One multi-filter captures up to 99.97% of 6 different types of particles including ultra-fine dust and odors
  • The PM 1.0 Sensor detects contaminants one microns or smaller in diameter for effective filtration.
  • The intelligent LED indicator system changes color as the indoor air quality improves.
  • Quiet as a Whisper - operates at whisper-quiet sound levels as low as 25 decibels.
  • LG ThinQ Technology - using the free LG ThinQ app you can check your home’s air quality readings and adjust key features, even when you’re not at home
  • TRUE HEPA FILTRATION – A 3-layer True HEPA filtration system effectively removes 99.97% of ultrafine dust and reduces pet dander and allergens from the air, while an activated carbon filter removes toxic gases like formaldehyde and deodorizes air of odors
  • QUIET & WIND-FREE — The Cube’s purification system is virtually silent and releases clean air without creating a cold draft throughout your bedroom
  • VOICE CONTROL & WIFI — This smart air purifier can be voice-controlled through your mobile device using Bixby, Alexa, or Google Assistant
  • AIR QUALITY SENSOR — An easy-to-read digital display provides air quality feedback through best-in-class lasers that monitor air particles in your room
  • LONG-LASTING FILTER — The powerful filter lasts up to one year, even when used 24/7 in normal conditions
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