What To Look For In An Air Purifier For $500?

Air Purifier that cost $500

An air purifier is an essential appliance for health and well being. There are different types of air purifiers to fit many needs. One type that is readily available and affordable is a $500 air purifier. This article will discuss what to look for when buying one, the features it should have and how you may be able to improve your home's air quality with a $500 air purifier from the comfort of your own home.


The air that we breathe on a daily basis contains a lot of pollutants and contributes to our overall health. At home, the main source of pollutants is the air conditioning units. Our houses are kept cool by these ACs and this causes the household dust and molds to build up in them.

The ACs result in an increased amount of dust particles in the air. This increased amount of dust is not good for us as they can cause asthma as well as other respiratory diseases. An air purifier will work miracles by cleaning your house and reducing allergy problems, therefore it is important that you have one installed in your house.

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Air Purifier Settings

When you get an Air Purifier there may be some settings that will be available to you. These settings will determine what and how much gets cleaned out of the air and it is important to know what each setting is.

Ease of Use:

After you have spent your hard earned $500 dollars on an air purifier you want to be able to use it with ease. It is important that you get an air purifier that is easy to set up and use. It should be easy to move around so that it can follow you around the house.

The air purifier should be able to be used and cleaned with ease. You should be able to easily move the air purifier from one room to another. You should also be able to easily clean the filters that are used in your air purifier as this will also keep the unit running efficiently.

Smart Features

The last feature you would want in an air purifier is a smart one and this is one area of air purifiers that have made significant improvements. Today there are air purifiers that come with their own app, allowing you to control your air purifier from your phone.

This makes it really easy for you to set the air purifier's settings from anywhere in the world, which is really convenient if you are away on vacation or if you're at work. This also allows you to monitor the air quality in your house and it will alert you when there is an issue with either the filter or the purifier itself.

Power settings:

The air purifier should have some power settings so that you can change the output of the unit. This can be achieved by selecting specific fan speeds or by adjusting the power of the purifier. The lower the power setting for the purifier, the more energy efficient it is going to be.

Air Filters:

It is important that the air purifier has good air filters, so that it can actually clean the air. These filters should be able to catch all of the big particles in the household dust as these particles are what can cause allergies and some respiratory diseases.

Some ACs have a HEPA filter which can remove up to 99% of pollutants from the air so if your AC doesn't have this you may want to consider switching it out for one that does or get an additional HEPA filter so that you can achieve this.

Filter Replacement:

An air purifier should have an easy filter replacement system and this depends on what type of filter your air purifier uses. If your air purifier uses HEPA filters then these are more expensive but they do last a lot longer than other types of filters. There is also another filter that is used on some units and that is called a carbon filter and this one can last for years if you clean it as required.

Air Cleaner (Fan):

The air cleaner or the fan is the component of the air purifier that cleans out all of the pollutants from your house. The fan can move a lot of air, it can be set to low and medium power, but it should always be able to move enough air for your house size. The unit should have a quiet mode so that you can use it overnight.


An air purifier should help with your ventilation and this is something that you may not have thought of but it is important to keep in mind. When an air purifier is installed, it can help improve the ventilation in your house by removing soot and other pollutants from the air as the unit is running.

When you use an air purifier you should be able to notice the effects in a matter of days or even hours depending on what type of filter you have installed.


The power function on an air purifier should be easy to use and ensure that all functions are activated at all times. It should also be easy to change settings and monitor how much power your unit is using during the day.

Types of Air Purifier For $500 : Filters

The type of filter will make a huge difference in how effective the air purifier is. When shopping around for an air purifier you need to look at different filters and this will make a huge difference in the price of your unit.

True HEPA filters

The first type of filter is called a true HEPA filter and these are expensive filters that will clean out 99.97% of pollutants from the air including dust mites, pollen, bacteria and other pollutants. These filters will need to be cleaned regularly though and it can be expensive to replace them so it may be worth considering other types of filters instead of a true HEPA filter.

HEPA filters can also be used in hospitals so if you are in a situation where this is an option then it may make sense to get one with a HEPA filter.

Carbon filters

Carbon filters are less expensive than true HEPA filters and they can be used in conjunction with other types of filters. If you need to spend a little money on your air purifier then getting one that uses carbon filters is the way to go as these are very cheap and they will remove particulates from the air.

These filters can last for years before they need to be replaced. However, some people don't like having filters of this type due to their appearance.

These carbon filters are for the most part very effective and are recommended by most air purifier manufacturers. Some people are concerned about the look of these as they can appear unsightly in a house but if you can get over this then they will remove up to 98% of airborne particles that get into your home while being very affordable to buy.

Electrostatic or Plasma Air Purifier

These air purifiers use ionizers that clean out particles by using an electric charge or they may also use a plasma technology to achieve the same result. Electrostatic air purifiers are powered by an electric charge while plasma air purifiers use a magnetic force to remove particles from the air.

Both of these types of technology are very effective and will produce excellent results when used in conjunction with other types of filters.


Another air purifier that uses electricity is called an ionizer and this actually makes use of the static electricity found in the air and uses this to remove particles from the air. The downside with this type of filter is that it can produce ozone, which can be harmful if inhaled. For this reason, it is recommended that you use a good carbon filter on top of an ionizer.

Ultraviolet (UV) light :

Some air purifiers use ultraviolet light to remove pollutants from the air and this type of technology has been used for many years but there is some debate over the effectiveness of UV light. Some people believe that this type of technology can produce toxic chemicals in your home while others say that this process kills 99.9% of all airborne particles.

There are also studies that have shown that there is no negative impact on a healthy immune system.

Ozone generators:

This is another type of air cleaner that uses ozone generators and these can be very effective at removing particles from the air. As with other types of filters, you should ensure that you have a carbon filter on top of this to remove any harmful chemicals that are produced in the process.

The main issue with ozone generators is that they can produce a lot of pollutants and soot which are dangerous to your health.

Type of Pathogen In An Air Purifier

You have your filter, now what type of pathogen do you actually want to get rid of? There are several types of pathogen that can be found in your air purifier and below we have a list of the most common ones.

Mold and Mildew:

Mold and mildew can be very dangerous to your health because they can cause allergy's, skin infections, breathing problems and even cancer. Inhaling these spores can be very harmful so it is essential to clean these pathogens from the air in your house.

You must be careful when cleaning mold as it can release thousands of spores into the air if you don't wear protective clothing or use a mask when cleaning the mold spores as they can harbour these spores for years after they are cleaned.


Allergens are airborne particles that set off allergies and asthma attacks if inhaled. These particles are usually made up of pollen, dust mites and other debris from your surroundings that has settled in your home. Allergens are very common in houses and they can be very hard to remove from your home.

You should always clean your air purifier regularly when you have pets and if you live in a location where pollen is common.


Dust can also be an allergen because it is often a mixture of debris from various sources such as the air in the house, the carpeting, woodwork etc. Dust mites feed on this type of debris and so they are attracted to it and therefore may be found lurking in your home. Inhaling this type of dust can trigger allergy's and asthma attacks due to the presence of these allergens in the air.


Pollen is also a type of dust but it is attached to flowers and plants. This type of dust can be very dangerous if you suffer from allergies because it causes your body to create antibodies in the event that the pollen is inhaled.

The problem with this is that the antibodies will bind with normal particles in your body and so this will make you sick if you go outside. Inhaling pollen may also trigger an asthma attack by bringing on an inflammation of the air passages in your lungs.

Bacteria And Viruses:

These pathogens are very common in your home as they are found almost everywhere, especially near toilets and they can cause severe illness if you inhale them into your sinuses or lungs. The best way to prevent them from entering your home is to clean regularly and always wash your hands after using the toilet.

Dust mites.

Mites are very common in your home as they live in every crevice of your house, especially if you have pets. They feed on the skin cells, dandruff or other debris left behind by people and pets. If an animal is infested with mites then this will make them itchy and they will likely lick their fur in order to try to get rid of the mites.

This can trigger a condition called sarcoptic mange which causes intense itching all over the body of the animal and can be fatal without treatment.

Fungal spores.

Fungal spores are another type of dust that can be found in your home and this type of spores can cause fungal skin rashes, sinus infections, throat infections and respiratory problems. You should also try to keep temperatures in your home on the lower side as this will help to control the growth of these types of spores.


Smoke is another type of pollutant that may be present in your home due to the fact that wood burning stoves and cigarettes. Cigarettes can also be very dangerous if you have asthma because they increase the risk of you having an asthma attack or a heart attack.


Odors are another pollutant that can be found in your home and they can come from many sources. If you live near factories then they may cause unpleasant odors in the air and this will make your home unpleasant to live in.

Better Overall Health With An Air Purifier For $500

The average air purifier will clean the air in your home but it is not able to fix the source of the problem and so you will need to install an air filter on top of it. When you have an air filter on top of your air purifier then you can get rid of all these harmful pollutants from the air right away.

These products are relatively cheap and you should always install one if you live in an area where there is a lot of pollution.


We hope that we have made the process of choosing an air purifier much easier for you and that you now know for sure which one would be best for your specific needs. Every house has its own problems and so it is important to choose a model that has the right features for your house, otherwise you may end up with one that doesn't work very well.

If this is the case you will have to compromise on other important features such as air cleaning capacity so it's better to read up on the different models before making your choice.