How to use an air purifier to clean mold in the basement - Air Purifier for Basements

Air Purifier For The Basement

The Basement is the one room in the house that collects all the pesky dirt and debris. With that, you must purify the air!

There are many types of air purifiers, but some are more efficient than others. We'll delve into what each kind does and which ones are best for your basement.


In this article we will be exploring four different kinds of air purifiers: HEPA, UV-C light, Ionizers and Activated Carbon filters.

All of these perform different functions that could work well in a basement setting depending on your needs - such as allergies or asthma - as well as your budget preferences.

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Air Purifier For A Basement

Because there is less air circulating around the basement, you may notice a strange smell and feel sneezing and coughing. You can be certain that your basement is being affected by allergies and pollution. Not only does it block out the light, it also keeps in dust, moisture, mold, mildew and all other pollutants.

Air purifiers are a big part of preventing allergies and protecting your family from the air around you. Air purifiers can be used to eliminate germs, odors, smoke and pet dander while making your home more comfortable to live in. While air purifiers cannot make up for the lack of natural light in basements, they play an important role in keeping your family healthy.

Household indoor air is often two to five times more polluted than outdoor air because of pet dander's dead skin cells that get ground into carpets and furniture.

Why You Need An Air Purifier For A Basement

It is important to mention that basement air quality may seem very similar to the air in your upper floors, but the reality is that the basement can be five times more polluted than air on other floors. An air purifier with a HEPA filter and UV light will help you get rid of mold spores, dust mites, pollen, pet dander and other allergens.

Here are some top ten reasons why you should consider an air purifier for your basement:

  •  The smell in your basement is unpleasant. It’s hard to enjoy the fun stuff if there is dirt, dust and mold on everything. It affects your health tremendously. Air filters help eliminate bad smells, which are a main concern when it comes to pollutants and allergens. Since these are based on air purifiers, it is vital to get one that will eliminate odor as well as harmful particles from the air.
  •  Smelly carpets can cause depression in even the strongest people because they suffer from a poor quality of air around them.
  • It is recommended that everyone have one to protect themselves and their loved ones from the effects of smog in the air.
  •  The slow circulation of air results in a cold and damp feeling, which is very uncomfortable as the endless winter continues on. This type of atmosphere makes it difficult for people to relax but more importantly for anyone to breathe properly. Coughing and sneezing are also common since dirty or moldy carpets attract airborne particles that make it hard for breathing.
  •  A clogged air filter is very easy to clean, which is something that most people are not aware of. Since the air in basements and other low lying areas are often stagnant, it’s vital to make sure that there is proper circulation and filtering of the air since it will eventually take up residence with you. This kind of circumstance can cause sicknesses such as asthma and bronchitis because of the vast amounts of dust and bacteria trapped in smelly carpets.
  •  The basement's moisture from water leaks or floods completely destroys a wood floor's integrity after many years if left untreated. Mold and mildew will also grow due to the dampness in the air, which can cause skin disease, respiratory problems or even serious health issues such as pneumonia.
  •  The constant threat of flooding can be caused by leaking pipes from burst water heaters or even a malfunctioning sump pump. This means that your precious belongings stored in basements are not safe from water damage, unless everything is stored inside waterproof storage containers.
  •  A lack of proper ventilation in basements will cause mold and pests to grow on walls and any other place where they can find moisture such as cracks in the floor or even behind electrical outlets.
  •  For those who are afraid that their children will be tempted to try and go into their basement, make sure there are no windows to the basement and no other way in without a key.

Why living in the basement is bad?

Although basements are not bad all the time, it is important to know that there are some reasons why living in a basement is bad.

First of all, this type of floor will absorb sounds and smells. So if you have neighbors above you who are constantly playing with loud music or through their windows showering, the basement will be affected by this unless you have very soundproof windows installed.

Also, they absorb dirty air from the ground which can cause dust mites to stay in your home as long as they are not filtered out. So, if you have allergies or asthma and you live in a basement, you will be affected much more.

Will an air purifier help with musty smell

Air purifiers are capable of eliminating mold spores, which causes the musty odor. A high-quality air purifier will easily get rid of such issues. The filters used in these products are HEPA filters, activated carbon filters and UV light to eliminate pollen.

With these features, people who love working in their basements, without any worry about the smell or allergens can now do that without worrying about the effects on their health.

How can I test the air quality in my basement?

  • If you hear your HVAC fan running a lot, it means that the air in your basement is not good and you need to do something about it. The air should be circulated by bringing in fresh air through the entrances to filters that will clean the air, and then there should be a small fan that will circulate the air through your basement. If this process is done correctly, you won't even notice the ventilation system running because there will not be any change in temperature or humidity and it will help keep mold at bay.
  • It is also a good idea to test the air quality in your basement. You can do this by using a UV light to show mold spores. The ultraviolet light will expose mold and tell you if there are any problems in your basement.
  • In some cases, products like mousetraps that are made with pheromone lures will help get rid of unwanted pests like mice, cockroaches or fleas from entering your home and spreading disease. However, they should not be used in an area where people sleep because they can cause health problems for them.
  • It is also important to purchase a dehumidifier because if there is no moisture in the basement, mold will form and you will have a musty odor.
  • If you are going to leave a low-lying area unused for too long, then the humidity will rise and it is important that you remove all debris in the area to prevent mold from forming. If you do not clean up any kind of dirt and debris in your basement, then it can take years before any pest problems like roaches or mice appear.

Which Features To Look For In An Air Purifier

There are several features to look for in an air purifier and each of them offers something special. Before buying an air purifier you should consider certain features and take your time when shopping around because there is a lot of information that you will have to gather before making a decision.

Coverage And Cost per Square Foot

The more square feet an air purifier can cover, the larger the area it can reach. It is important to make sure that you are getting enough coverage with your air purifier so that you don't have to buy a powerful device that will cost a lot of money. Some air purifiers are capable of covering 300 square feet easily while others can only reach 50 or 100 square feet.

Another advantage of having an air cleaner with a large coverage is that it will help clean all of the odor causing particles.

Air Purification Method

The way the air purifier cleans the air is as important as its coverage. There are two main methods that an air cleaner can use to clean the air: pollution particles and odor causing particles. There are several types of air cleaners that will do both but it is always important to make sure they work properly and effectively.

Some devices emit ozone, which means that they are capable of doing a great job at killing off pollutants but this may also have a negative effect on people with respiratory issues or allergies because ozone is harmful to your lungs. Other products offer UV light, which means that they emit nothing more than light rays, which can easily kill bacteria and viruses in the air and remove odors.


HEPA filters are the type of air purifier that will get rid of pollen, mold spores, bacteria and other particles that may affect your health. These filters are capable of removing 99% of odor causing particles and they are very powerful at killing all kinds of airborne bacteria.

There are also air purifiers that use these HEPA filters as well and they also get rid of pollen, dust mites and other harmful particles in the air.

Electrostatic Filter

An electrostatic filter is a very powerful air purifier as it can trap a lot of toxins like pollen, mold spores and dust mites from the air. It is one of the most powerful filters on the market today because it can easily filter out heavy particles that can cause health issues.

It is also important to make sure you have an electrostatic filter because this type of cleaning will not just kill off bacteria, viruses and other harmful airborne particles but it works rapidly when compared to other filters. Most people who use an air cleaner with an electrostatic filter claim that after using them for just one day they noticed better smelling rooms.

Activated Carbon Filter

An activated carbon filter is the type of filter that will be able to trap the odor causing particles from the air, which will leave you with a fresher smelling indoor environment. This is a great feature as it can work with other filters to provide better indoor air quality.

The activated carbon filter should be changed regularly because it is capable of getting rid of harmful particles in the air. The great thing about this type of filter is that it can closely compete with HEPA filters and some even say that they are better because they are more powerful at removing mold spores, bacteria and other harmful particles than HEPA filters.

Air Flow And Velocity Settings

The more air flow and velocity settings that your air purifier has, the better the performance. Air flow is measured in cubic feet per minute and is also known as cfm. The higher the number of cubic feet per minute, the more powerful the air purifier will be at removing pollutants from the air.

When you have several settings for velocity, it means that you will be able to choose which one works best for whatever setting you are in by having a low setting, medium or high speed.

How Air Purifiers Work?

They come in different shapes and sizes and some of them may even look like lamps because they use light to remove allergens from the air. It is also important to know that there are several features that make air purifiers very expensive such as coverage, quality of filters, power consumption and type of filtration system they offer. They can also cover -


A lot of people who are battling allergies may think that they have neither allergies nor asthma, but it is important to understand that even if they do not have symptoms of breathing problems, they still have them.

It can be difficult for a person to notice an allergy or asthma because there are several symptoms and each person reacts differently to the same type of allergen and this will vary from person to person. If one person has a respiratory issue caused by dust mites while another has one caused by pollen grains, then it could mean they both have allergies.


Pollen grains are small pollen grains that cause allergic reactions in humans because they are a main cause of asthma and allergies. The most common places where you can find them are trees and flowers and some people even have allergic reactions to mold spores.

The best way to get rid of them is by using an air purifier as it is capable of killing all sorts of airborne allergens quickly with the use of powerful filtration systems.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are very small creatures that stay on the floor, in pillows and mattresses and they feed on human skin cells. Most people who have allergies can tell you that they feel better when they change all of the pillows and mattresses in their home because dust mites are a main cause of respiratory issues.


There are a lot of different bacteria floating around in the air but the good news is that most of them don't affect humans. Bacteria has several harmful effects because it produces particles that can destroy your lungs and it also causes bad smelling odors. It is possible for you to breathe in particles from various sources, including mold spores, pollen grains and dust mites among others.


Mold is a fungus and it is capable of growing in all sorts of places such as carpets, floors, furniture and other fabrics. It can hide itself very easily but the good news is that it will die when exposed to extreme heat or sunlight.

The main reason for having mold in your home is because you have a leaky roof or a broken window, but they are also able to grow on damp surfaces such as carpets, floors and walls. Mold smells very bad and it can release spores into the air which are capable of destroying your indoor air quality.


It is important to know that you can have smoking in your home without having become a smoker yourself because we use materials every day that contain chemicals which may be harmful to our health and they cause them to get into the air which will then harm other people who inhale them.

The good news is that most cigarette smoke particles will be trapped by common types of filters such as HEPA filters, but their smell can still remain in the home for quite some time so it is recommended for you to invest in an air purifier with ozone technology.

Better Health Overall

The best way to get the most out of your air purifier is to make sure that you are using it correctly and that you are operating it frequently. The more often you use it, the better the results will be. The filters for every air purifier can be cleaned in a couple of minutes with just a simple process that involves simply twisting them from either side and then rinsing them with water.

The amount of air flow and velocity settings is also very important because they are capable of having an impact on how well the purifier will work by producing negative ions when they are in motion.

Conclusion - Air Purifier for a basement

Hopefully, with the information that you were able to find in this guide, you will be able to find the right air purifier for your particular needs.

It is very important for you to make sure that you are getting all of the features that you want because it may be a great idea for you to consider buying a central air system if your home is quite large or if it has more than one floor.

If this is the case, then it would be best to get at least two or more air purifiers in key locations throughout your indoor environment and connect them to a central control panel.

  • Connected: WiFi connected; See real time reports, remotely control your machine and create schedules around your day using the Dyson link app
  • The latest Dyson purifying fan; It senses pollution and allergens, captures them in a sealed HEPA activated carbon filter, and projects purified air around the room
  • Projects: projects purified air throughout the whole room
  • Voice Control
  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: With a CADR of 130 CFM / 221 m3/h, the Vital 100 is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. It can cover 300 ft² / 28 m² in only 18 minutes. (Only products over 6 pounds can be equipped with such powerful motors that optimize the air cleaning performance).Voltage: AC 120V, 60Hz
  • 3-STAGE FILTRATION: Comes equipped with a washable pre-filter for large particles like lint and fur, a High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter for toxic fumes and unpleasant odors, and an HEPA Filter, which captures at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns (µm)
  • SLEEP COMFORTABLY: With noise levels as low as 23 decibels, the Vital 100 won’t keep you up at night. You can also turn off the display lights when it’s time for bed
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Set a timer for 2, 4, or 8 hours whenever you like. The Check Filter Indicator will let you know when it’s time for a fresh filter
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: It only costs dollar 1.66 a week to run the Vital 100 24/7 , allowing you to use it all day during times of high pollution, like wildfire season
  • EASY TO PLACE: The compact design and top-facing air vents let you place the Vital 100 near walls or in the corner of a room
  • FILTER REPLACEMENTS: Depending on usage, the filters should be replaced every 6–8 months. You can buy new filters by searching "B08BC5V6ZF" and "B085C22XWC". Remove the plastic wrap before installing a new filter

Other Questions

Is it safe to sleep in basement?

The reality is that whatever air you breathe in during the day will also be trapped in the basement overnight, so if you are not completely sure about where you want to sleep, then it would be best for you to go as far away from your basement as possible.

How do I keep my basement dust free?

It is very important to keep in mind that wood is a home for dust and if you don't dust it regularly then it will become the home for even more dust, so keep in mind that if you want to get rid of your basement dust, then you should also do it on an ongoing basis.

What are some symptoms of basement mold?

Your eyes may turn red and swollen, you could start sneezing all over the place or you could start feeling nauseous after spending time in your basement, so if any of these symptoms appear after spending time there then it would be best for you to get tested.

Should I run a fan in my basement?

Yes, it would be very beneficial for you to install a fan in your basement and leave it running all day long so that it can move the air so that air purifiers can do their work. It is possible for you to get a whole house fan, but if this isn't possible then at least try installing an attic or whole floor fan and make sure that you keep it running during the day.

How do you ventilate a basement with no windows?

There are several types of air ventilation systems that you can use to ventilate your basement. The most common of these are forced air ventilation systems and they are capable of distributing a huge amount of air at once. The best way to install one is by making sure that you have the proper ductwork and everything else in place before you start.

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