What is the difference between an air purifier and a humidifier?

Air purifier and a humidifier?

Air purifiers and humidifiers are not the same thing. An air purifier is an appliance that removes particles from the air to improve the quality of indoor air, as well as reduce odors. On the other hand, a humidifier adds moisture to dry indoor air by drawing water from a reservoir or from a nearby cold water source.

Choosing between an air purifier and a humidifier can be difficult because they have very different functions. However, when deciding which type of appliance to purchase it is important that you consider the size and shape of your home before making any final decisions about which type to go with.


Air purifiers, also known as air cleaners, are great for large homes where the air is often too polluted for fresh air to be used.

They are generally capable of removing a wide array of particles in the air that cause illness and irritation. Air purifiers also have some of the lowest life-cycle costs on the market.

Compared to humidifiers, they do not require water and are capable of cleaning a wider variety of particles from indoor air. Because they use electricity instead of water, they do not add humidity to dry indoor air like a humidifier does. However, they require maintenance constantly supplying electricity for operation rather than just replacing water.

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Air purifiers and humidifiers both clean the air in your home

Humidifiers are great for people who live in dry areas. For example, dry air is common in most houses during the winter. A humidifier works by using a fan to draw water from a reservoir or a nearby cold water source into the appliance where it is heated to produce steam.

The steam then rises through small openings into the room where it mixes with the air and turns back into water forming moisture that can be used by plants or skin.

Humidifiers use a lot of energy to heat up water which results in a significantly higher lifecycle cost than an air purifier.

Air purifiers have a much more powerful filter than a humidifier

Air purifiers are the most efficient way to clean the air in your home. They use a more powerful filter than a humidifier and can remove a wide array of particles from the air. For example, while humidifiers are great for reducing dryness in your home they do not provide any relief from allergens and irritants like pet dander or dust mite feces.

Air purifiers are also able to remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde which is often emitted by building materials as well as volatile organic compounds that are emitted by household cleaners and paints.

Air purifiers remove bacteria and pollen from the air

Another benefit of air purifiers is that they remove bacteria and pollen from the air. In addition to removing allergens from the air they also remove dust particles that are released by people and pets when they cough, sneeze, or breathe in. By regularly using an air purifier you can significantly reduce the amount of dust and bacteria in your home.

Air purifiers also remove other toxic gases such as formaldehyde which is often emitted by building materials as well as volatile organic compounds that are emitted by household cleaners and paints. Formaldehyde can cause chronic health problems such as headaches, nosebleeds, liver damage, allergic reactions, and other respiratory problems.

Air purifiers reduce the amount of dust in the air

Over time, dust particles can build up inside of air purifiers and reduce their efficiency. To avoid this problem it is important to clean out your purifier regularly. This can be done easily by removing the filter and unscrewing the lid and then shaking the air purifier out.

Air purifiers are more quiet than a humidifier

Because they use filtering technology instead of humidification, air purifiers are typically quieter than a humidifier. In addition to being quieter they also require less maintenance. Air purifiers do not need to be cleaned as often as a humidifier because they are able to filter out bacteria, dust particles, and other toxins from the air in your home.

Air purifiers are more efficient in removing odours

Since air purifiers use filtering technology and do not humidify the air, they are more efficient at removing odours. Humidifiers use a warm mist to add moisture to dry air and can sometimes actually make the room smell worse as they emit a wet scent. Air purifiers do not leave behind any scent as they cleanse the air.

They will also not damage furniture or your belongings

Air purifiers, even the large ones, are designed to be safe for people and furniture. They do not emit harmful petrochemicals into the air like many plug-in air fresheners and scented candles. This leaves your home smelling fresh and clean without any harm to you, your family or your furnishings.

They can be adjusted as needed for a customised scent

Air purifiers can also be adjusted to suit exactly what you need them for. If you have any particular smells that need to be targeted, an air purifier will work very well at targeting specific odours.

Smoke, pet odors, cooking odors, strong chemicals and air fresheners are all things that an air purifier can tackle in your home. If your home has any of these smells you will be able to manage them easily with a good quality air purifier. If you also have any allergies or chronic health issues such as asthma, a quality air purifier may be the difference between living with symptoms and feeling better naturally.

Air purifiers are more effective in cleaning the air

Air purifiers, even the larger units, clean the air faster than a standard humidifier will. A good quality air purifier will clear the air faster than a non-filter humidifier and trigger a fresh scent of air. Air purifiers can also be set to run at particular times of the day if you are concerned about odours or allergens in your home.

Air purifiers do not create a mist of water in the air

One of the biggest issues with a humidifier is it creates excess moisture in the home. This can cause a lot of problems for people with mold allergies. While it is true that air quality improves when humidity levels increase, this does not mean that your home will be free from mold or mildew problems.

Humidifiers can also damage furniture and other belongings as your house becomes increasingly soaked from high levels of humidity. A good quality air purifier will clean the air and remove dust particles and allergens but will not leave behind any excess moisture in the air. This provides healthy clean air without any negative effects on your belongings or furniture.

Air purifiers can remove unwanted chemical vapours

Air purifiers can also remove chemical vapours such as dyes, pesticides, latex paint fumes, and other household chemicals that are released into the air. Some of these chemicals can cause allergic reactions or exacerbate chronic health conditions so it is important to monitor the amount of acceptable gases in your home.

Air purifiers are excellent for those with asthma or allergies

Air purifiers are excellent for people looking to keep their home free of dust mites, pollen, bacteria and other allergens. Asthma is a chronic condition that affects millions of people every year and adding an air purifier to your home can help prevent uncomfortable symptoms.

Homes with allergic people in them, such as those with asthma, should be monitored for airborne allergens and odours such as dust mites or mold spores. People with allergies or asthma should consider an air purifier to keep the air in their home fresh and clean. This will help prevent any further flare-ups of symptoms and allow people to breathe easier.

Air purifiers are a good choice for reducing pet odours

People who own pets often have issues keeping their homes smelling fresh without using plug-in air fresheners or scented candles. Traditional air fresheners can actually be dangerous for your pets as they release harmful chemicals into the air which are inhaled by you and your family.

Air purifiers can help to clean the air in your home and remove pet odours without any harmful chemicals or fragrances. They can be set to run at a certain time of the day and will emit a fresh scent of air without harming your pets.

Which Are The Best Air Purifiers For Asthma?

Choosing the right air purifier for you depends on a few things including how big your home is, how much you want to spend, and whether you are specifically looking for protection from allergens or chemical vapors. There are many different sizes available as well as different features that will help refine your choice of air purifier.

The size determines how much money you are willing to spend, but this also depends on the size of the rooms in your home. Larger models can be used to remove larger amounts of air than smaller ones.

You should also consider how important an air purifier is for you and your family. If you feel that you are already breathing clean air, then a quality air purifier may not be necessary for you. On the other hand, if allergies or asthma keep you from feeling normal, an air purifier may be a good choice for you.

Air purifiers can be installed in almost every room of the house

Air purifiers can be placed in almost every room of the house but it is always best if they are installed in the living room or largest bedrooms. The air purifier should be placed on a bookshelf or tabletop to ensure that it is not obstructing traffic and that people do not trip over it.

You should also find a nearby power outlet to plug in your air purifier so that it can work efficiently as well as turn it on or off from a nearby switch instead of being tied down to the plug.

In addition, you should consider using extension cords to ensure your air purifier is set up safely and securely.

Air purifiers are perfect for home use

Some air purifiers are designed for use in offices, hotels and homes while others can be used in a whole range of environments. This includes places where you have to deal with industrial chemicals or harmful vapours such as paint fumes and other chemicals. Depending on what kind of pollutant your home is exposed to, you can choose the size that will be best for you.


It is important to remember that a good quality air purifier is more effective and convenient than a regular humidifier. Humidifiers can be used in conjunction with an air purifier, but an air purifier should always be the first line of defence when it comes to keeping your home free of airborne allergens and bad smells.

Air purifiers are also much more effective at removing chemical vapours from the air as well as pollen, bacteria, and dust mites. With so many excellent choices available to you, you should have no problem finding the best air purifier for your home!

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